My daily bread 🙂

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #1

Well, I only make it about once a week, but I eat it almost daily :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW, I get asked over and over for the recipe… Plz tell the moderaters to make it a sticky somewhere… Even though their are folks here who think bread replacements are bad. I say the same thing about keto bread as I do about Sucralose, which is, if you have a problem with them, don’t eat them. These things work great for me though :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve been cruising along at my new comfortable weight of about 205 for close to 5 months now.
Keto is so automatic for me, I don’t even think about it most of the time. But I sure do love the foods that I eat :wink:

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Just link your recipe post when people ask. It’s there in the site if people search already. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Chris you get asked for the recipe because you share photos of this beautiful bread. As a general rule, be prepared provide the recipe anytime you post a photo of food (in any thread, if it looks good, people will ask).


I made this bread today :slight_smile: Either I changed (probably I did, I dislike the subtle taste of gluten less than previously) or some tiny difference is important as I did something very similar before and I liked the texture but the taste was very bland. This one isn’t particularly tasty either but I don’t miss much, a tiny bit of walnut will help, I love walnuts.
It was nice, fluffy with a somewhat crunchy crust (that part is tough, even my normal bread doesn’t have a proper crust but my SO loves it just fine. but it’s important for me).

Rising in the moist microwave made no difference to my bread. And I can reshape it before baking, it still becomes just as fluffy! So the dough itself is the key, I can’t easily ruin it afterwards.

I had no xanthan gum so I substituted it with chia seed and water.

My bread was way smaller (half amount in 4 pieces) so it wasn’t that impressive but it was pretty enough.

Keto is eating in a way to be in ketosis, it’s (mostly) your choice how to do it. It can be done unwell but even healthy, ideal keto isn’t the same for everyone (or at different times of the journey). There are different circumstances, desires, hardships. Someone can do only meat + salad from the beginning and it’s just perfect? Good for them but let me skip both if I want and eat my own nutritious food including items bad for many people but okay for my own individual body. It’s natural we need different things, even physically.

I personally love baking bread (real bread, with yeast), little work and joy and beauty! I can do this without eating bread but it’s not always easy like that (despite I don’t like the normal bread I make) and I do like bread for certain things now. I lived without bread for many years but it’s nice to have some now, maybe just for a little while. Whatever. It’s our prerogative to change our diets as we see fit. Or let it change, it’s not always a conscious choice.

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You could always add the new pics of your bread to you original thread with the recipe so you’re not have to link the recipe throughout several threads. Just a thought.

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Well I do use a little extra salt, more sweetener (I use Splenda) and a bit more butter.


My bread wasn’t salty enough either but I wonder if it’s because I used a different salt this time… I calculated, it’s similar to my previous keto bread, after all and the amount should have been fine.

I like to eat my bread with butter anyway (the dough still need some fat but I don’t feel it wasn’t fatty enough. it’s probably the minimal fat I like in a bread) but I need to improve the taste to fully enjoy my bread and butter. This bread worked well with my really favorful foods but not nearly alone.