My cornbread stuffing self experiment

(Ross) #1

Since going Banting / Keto 2.5 years ago, there hasn’t been much I really feel like I miss. Even so, at Thanksgiving (for those outside the US, our Fall harvest feast holiday that marks the beginning of our Christmas holiday season.) I do tend to take a few liberties and eat a few more carbs than I would otherwise.

My first Thanksgiving on Banting, I just said “screw it” and made my usual southwestern cornbread stuffing with hot pork sausage. I used yellow corn meal for the cornbread which I make in the traditional way in an iron skillet with bacon fat. I ate it with dinner and…big mistake…lots of stomach pain…bloating…gas…not good.

That motivated me to try baking some faux cornbreads using flaxseed meal. Really quite delicious when made with buttermilk and bacon fat (so much so that my non-keto gf begs me to make it for her now) but I just worried that my other guests would find the difference in texture unappealing. ( I may make a test batch of this later…)

So, I did a little research and found some organic blue corn meal at my local food co-op. I made the same stuffing from the year prior and had it with dinner fully expecting stomach discomfort. NADA. Nothing. Tummy OK. I didn’t notice any increase in body inflammation either.

I gather some of the difference may be in hybridization and GMO status of the yellow corn? The blue corn & red corn are still pretty much the same plant from 100 years ago or more.

I see here that non-gmo corn was added to the Banting orange list so I feel a little better about my experiment now!