Muscle Sore During & After Fast

(Aaron) #1

Hi, so I went on a 5 days water fast, and also took electrolytes and nutritional yeast for B vitamins during the fast. I drank plenty of water as well. By the 4th day my lower back, upper back, left knee, ankles, wrists and neck started to get very sore or inflamed.
What’s even more weird is once I broke the fast, even a day later I’m even more sore then during the fast. I can hardly bend over, or bend my left knee. My wrists crack or pop and same with my ankles.
Anyway I thought for sure that it would go away after I started to eat but it’s getting worse for some reason so I’m taking an anti-inflammatory because it got pretty bad.
I typically follow Dr Berg on YouTube in regarding prolonged fastings and intermittent fastings, however he doesn’t talk too much about what happens during a prolonged fast being inflamed in the joints and why that is.
So any ideas on here would be very helpful. I hope all of this goes away and I will try again. For now I’m doing to keep on doing intermittent fasting and eating as clean but diet as I can without any inflammatory foods. But one would think when you go on a prolonged water fast even taking electrolytes and other vitamins of that your joints wouldn’t hurt but I have no idea if this is detox or this is something else. Any ideas would be fantastic thank you!

(Rossi Luo) #2

I have done intermittent fasting for more than 3 months, I skip breakfast and lunch during Monday ~ Friday, and I have not experienced your conditions, hope someone else can help you.

(Michael) #3

What have you been eating in the months leading up to your fast? Have you fasted for a multi-day fast before? This might be useful information. I am not as knowledgeable as others with this experience, but I seem to remember oxalate dumping might cause this issue - perhaps others can confirm or deny this conjecture.

(Aaron) #4

Thanks for the reply. So I’ve been doing keto for about a month prior, along with intermittent fasting, but prior to that I’ve had very bad sugar addiction along with processed foods and not a lot of nutrition. So maybe I need to feed my body more nutrients before doing another prolonged fast? Not sure.

(KM) #5

Did you ever take nutritional yeast before? I don’t know if it’s known for this, but maybe you have an allergy to it?

(KM) #6

Oxalate dumping is associated with suddenly not eating a lot of oxalate containing foods, mostly certain vegetables. Obviously you stopped eating them suddenly during your fast, I think that’s what Michael is trying to get at.

(Aaron) #7

Yes I’ve been taking a nutritional yeast for a couple years. Dr Berg on YouTube recommends taking that during a prolonged fast in order to not deplete too many nutrients.