Multi vitamin

(Jeff Ryan) #1

Hi guys,

What Multi vitamin do you guys take? Any good ones for the keto diet?

(Richard Morris) #2

I take a cheap one - as a backup in case I miss some essential nutrient

(Jeff Ryan) #3

Lol what’s the cheap one?

(Richard Morris) #4

$10 for 200

(Larry Lustig) #5

Got, like, a two year supply from Costco.

(Jeff Ryan) #6

Nice, yeah i will buy some tomorrow.

(Jeff Ryan) #7

If only i had a costco membership and it was close by.

How much is that ?

(betsy.rome) #8

I take a multi vitamin specifically for low carb. A little less than $1/day, so not cheap, but recommended.

(Larry Lustig) #9

You can order on-line without a membership. I think this is the one I have although I note that there’s an over-50 version I might be taking (can check when I’m home tonight). I thought I got a container of 600, but I could be wrong.

(Karen Parrott) #10

I alternate with Pure Vitamin Club ( Amazon) and a cheap multi from Trader Joe’s ( with iron). I’m a paid blood donor, so I rotate the iron one more often during donation times. ( I know I don’t have hemochromatosis).

Doc recommended no iron when I started menopause. But then came the blood donation and me running a little low on iron. I rotate in chicken livers, too

Then Natural Calm magnesium at night. ( Amazon)

(Ross Daniel) #11

Same here, i’m 31 but I bought the Kirkland Multivitamin Senior formula because it doesn’t contain iron. I figure I’m getting plenty of that via my diet…

(Jeff Ryan) #12

Thanks will look at those mag vitamins as magnesium is pretty expensive.