Much too excited about all this beef

(Will knit for bacon. ) #1

Husband and I took a trip to a local farm today (by way of Timbuktu because due to flooding we couldn’t really get there from here) and picked up a quarter side of beef.

O. M. G. My chest freezer is full to bursting! So much hamburger! Porterhouse steaks and T-bones and ribeyes and sirloins! A brisket to smoke and chuck roasts and arm roasts and pikes peak roasts! Soup bones for bone broth! All kinds of beefy goodness!

And it all averaged out to about $3.17 a pound! For pasture raised beef that grew up less than 30 miles from my house! And I got to play with lambs and kittens while I was there!

Today’s a good day. :star_struck:

(Full Metal Keto) #2

Where do you live? That’s fantastic. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Carl Keller) #3

That’s a really good deal. When I looked into the idea of getting 1/4 cow for myself it was priced at around $600 with another $150 for processing. So I was looking at around $4.50 per pound. It’s still a better price than what I would pay at the market but I’m afraid there’s certain lean parts of the cow I wouldn’t eat… like sirloin.

(Will knit for bacon. ) #4

Mid-MO. It was an hour and a half round trip but so worth it. Hopefully when it’s time to restock the flooding will be over and I can take the direct route to get there!

(Marianne) #5

Wow; great price! My husband and I say almost every night, “I can’t believe we can eat like this.”

(Bob M) #6

Where I live it’s about $5.50/pound. Personally, I love the leaner cuts of beef. (I eat a lower fat, higher protein keto diet.) And you can add a sauce to up the fat content, if you can handle dairy. It’s the dizzying array of cuts I get that makes buying 1/4-1/2 a cow tough.

(Carl Keller) #7

We should be neighbors and trade cow parts.

(Bunny) #8

I’m jealous!