Movie about fasting on Amazon Prime: Science of Fasting

(Richard Morris) #22

I think once they have used the app a bit it decides they aren’t a bot posting link farms and relaxes the restriction.

(Jeanne Wagner) #23

Wow. Well I caught one thing that set me off. I think around the 9 minute mark they are explaining macros and state that carbohydrates is the primary fuel necessary for the body (or something to that effect). That put me off, because it makes it seem that without carbs you’d die or something terrible. Not so.

I also loved the movie “Fasting” by Doug Orchard in 2017.

(Madge Boldt) #24

Thank you for recommending this. I am home with day 2 of a “stomach bug” aka viral gastroenteritis, so enforcing that fasting is a good thing is welcome. I watched it and got a lot out of it. I was not aware of the benefits of fasting prior to chemo. That info alone made this a worthwhile watch for me.

Although earlier in the film, they listed cancer as a containdication to the fasting regime. Go figure! That must have been just for the program that was highlighted at the beginning.


This movie really spiked my interest in fasting. I didn’t know that not eating anything can have such health benefits. I started to research bit more. I wanted to educate myself about fasting and wanted to know if there is more data on fasting by now.

I found that the clinic they mentioned in the movie, Buchinger Wilhelmi, has done a scientific human study on their fasting method. And their findings are quite interesting: During fasting the body indeed switches to ketone consumption. They proved it by testing for ketone bodies in the urine. So fasting is perfect to support a keto diet. If you want to read more about the study, here’s the link:

But if you are like me and don’t like reading so much, I also found this playlist on YouTube with more scientific information about fasting.

I definitely want to try fasting and see if I’ll also experience the benefits. Has anyone here tried it? How did you like it?

(Thomas Missel) #26

I watched the movie and was kind of afraid the first 20 minutes, it looked odd and kind of cruel to honest, but after that I was really surprised by the effects of fasting and did some research myself.

Today you hear a lot about fasting as a therapy for health problems - which I strongly support.

A friend of mine recommended me to try it out and I will be doing the fast myself for the first time in October this year, I’m so excited.

I myself will stay there because I need time for myself and want to recharge my batteries, I work around 16 hours a day and just need a break right, but they seem to able to help with medical problems as well:

I ´m really looking forward to stay and have less fear now, when I heard what their guests say about it:

(Dirty Lazy Keto Sucralose freak ;)) #27

Yea’, my GF and I just watched it, and found it very interesting. I was kind of bummed to hear that certain aspects of healing will not even start to kick in, only after 3-4 days ! 2 full days was already pretty hard core for me.
Also, I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, or if I need to ask in another thread, but what the heck is a “mimicking fast” ? VS, a plain old fast ?
Oh BTW, several of the Dr’s were from our area. Some of it filmed in Sacramento too :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bob M) #28

The mimicking fasts came about because everyone thought fasting was bad for you. So, you’ll see some “fasts” where you eat fewer calories (say, 500) a few days a week. There’s also the PSMF (protein sparing modified “fast”), where you eat relatively high protein but relatively few calories, for some number of days.

I just do regular fasting.

By the way, the thinner you are, the harder it can be to do longer-term fasting. I have found my ability to fast has been decreased over time, as I’ve lost 60+ pounds.

(Dirty Lazy Keto Sucralose freak ;)) #29

TY Bob :slight_smile:

I think I’m just going to stick to my 8:16 plan for now, and one 24hr fast a week.


this film is on YouTube
and the credits are long and name the contributors by country