Move aside kombucha, how about a lil' alcoholic horse milk?

(Stickin' with mammoth) #1

An army may travel on its stomach, but Genghis Khan’s army milked what they rode on, then fermented it in bags. Airag was high in nutritional value and packed a 2% alcohol content after they away threw the butter solids, which seems like an egregious oversight considering what we all know about butter in here.

If you want culinary proof, missionaries loved the stuff, commenting, "it leaves a taste of milk of almonds on the tongue, and it makes the inner man most joyful and also intoxicates weak heads, and greatly provokes urine.”

If that ain’t an army recruitment poster, I don’t know what is.


mmmm, horse butter. :drooling_face: Next step horse camembert.

(Stickin' with mammoth) #3

I like the way you think, sir.

(Joey) #4

Khan’s progeny wound up battling the Russians on behalf of the Turks when Catherine & Potemkin were running things over there. Perhaps somewhere on the battlefield the flavorful White Russian was created? :guardsman:


Is a white Russian made with fermented horse milk? That’s starting to sound a bit like a fancy cocktail. The Khan did have some nice carpet textiles. Really tied the yurt togther.