Mostly committed but I have to admit I am still shaky with Carnivore

(Jackie) #21

I am a strong willed individual and understand what you are saying. My commitment level is probably why my thinking is as it is.
For now I will continue and that feels freeing to be honest. I can decide on any given day to change or not.

(Jackie) #22

Oh sauerkraut …… not sure I could. My husband went through a sauerkraut phase and so read all about the benefits but the house reeked :nauseated_face:.

(Jackie) #23

True IBS is a handy way to describe most gut issues.
A couple of years ago I had terrible gut issues and suffered for months then I used a FODMAP app by Melbourne University and within 2 weeks my symptoms settled.
This time low FODMAP foods made no difference hence why I am here experimenting.
Thankfully I am not on any meds. I only take a melatonin at night to aid with sleep and until 2 nights ago I also took magnesium for sleep.

(Jackie) #24

I ate a bun less burger in front of my mum today!!!
She was polite enough to stay quiet however I got the look! ( it’s a universal truth all Mums can give ‘the look’ and we just know.)
I just said bread no longer loves me despite how much I Love it. We moved on :innocent:
The only supposed take is melatonin a hangover from fasting as sleep was tricky on an empty tummy.

(Jackie) #25

Guys I wanted to say what an awesome bunch of strangers you are.
Thank you to each and everyone of you who has responded to help a fellow human out.
Grateful much. Xx

(Laurie) #26

Re how to eat in social situations:

Apparently you, like me, don’t want to explain or discuss your food choices. So don’t. The moment you mention food choices or sensitivities, etc., you invite unwelcome comments or even attacks.

Try coming up with a “broken record” response, e.g., “I’m fine … no really, I’m fine.”

Smile and change the subject.

When people press the subject, I push back by saying, “I don’t discuss my food.”

If in a restaurant, choose carefully from the menu. Sometimes an appetizer or other item will be meat only. Or you might have to order a mixed plate (meat and potatoes or whatever). Make sure the meat has no breading, no gravy. Let people think it’s just a personal preference. Eat the meat and then say you’re full.

Someone might ask if you’re keto. Since you’re carnivore, you can truthfully say no!

At someone’s home or at a community event, help out in the kitchen or help with serving. That way it’s harder for others to notice what you eat or don’t eat. Also, bring a plate of something you can eat, to share with the group.

These things have been discussed here, but I’m sorry I can’t point you to specific threads. Good luck!

(Jackie) #27

Thanks Laurie some good points here.


remember always your health and needs ARE YOU and as much as all of us get pressure, in the end, omgosh it IS your health and your vitality and your healing ya know…sometimes we gotta get the full on lion roar of back off and let me be me as I need and it is hard to sends that message forward cause other’s ‘see our change’ sometimes as never a good thing, but you know you, so you do you :slight_smile: If we don’t have our own backs, what do we have truly? LOL

that final full on truth of life…if you don’t have your health, you have nothing truly so? just find where you stand on your personal health and never be apologetic in any way you are doing just that!

(Jackie) #29

My n=1 results from eating sugar, carbs and alcohol on the weekend are not surprising!
I felt like death. My hip joints felt like they were made of wood and my lower back belonged to tin man.
I did not go crazy (well compared to carb days) but included some wafer crackers with a charcuterie board, a bottle of wine over 2 days and then of course the sugary dessert.
Back to it… I was super hungry Monday morning, today not so much but have just demolished a bowl of chicken wings fresh out of the Ninja Foodi and am planning a rack of lamb for dinner.