Most meat eaters support veganism as 'ethical' and good for the environment

(Troy) #1


But wait…:stop_sign:

“The work was partially funded by the charity Viva!”

And a closer :eyes:

Viva is a British animal rights group, which focuses on promoting veganism. It was founded by Juliet Gellatley in 1994. … carries out undercover investigations to expose the abuse of factory farmed animals and produces information on how to go vegan, including recipes and shopping guides. It is a registered Charity

Just sayin😉

(Old Baconian) #2

Follow the money!

(Karen) #3

I support ethical vegans. I respect those who follow their conscience. But it’s not the optimal human diet.

(Bob M) #4

And it’s also faux ethical. I’ve listened to multiple farmers who say (1) animals are necessary for soil health and benefit the environment and (2) monocropping kills many animals and insects.

(Karen) #5

Certainly there is much to be improved in both plant and animal agriculture.


They asked 1000 ‘meat eaters’ …

Most of 1000 people who eat some meat support the nice people who are trying out veganism for a new year resolution.

“Go for it, it’s probably better than the dodgy nutrition guidelines offered by some governments and affiliated funded organisations that help prop up that system,” said Bellvedere from Bollingsworth through a mouthful of burger.

(Patricia) #7

How is veganism ethical? Because if you mean it doesn’t kill animals, it does. Agriculture knocks off a lot of little fuzzy creatures. Besides that, it isn’t necessarily good for the environment. People hear this stuff and assume it’s true without ever questioning it.

(John) #8

I support vegans because they reduce the demand for meat, helping to keep it affordable for me.

(Patricia) #9

Ha, ha! Good point.

(Ronald Weaver) #10

There’s a program on UK TV just now called " Veganville" where a carefully selected group of vegans assemble in the Welsh town of Merthyr Tydfil and over a month try to convert the inhabitants to veganism.
I only managed to watch the first part before my stupidity filter kicked in and has prevented me from watching more.
I can’t make up my mind who’s mocking who ? The only sane reasonable person on the show was a farming woman who phoned into the radio show the vegans were on and gave a perfectly rational reason for her farming animals to eat.
As for the rest of them, come on. who are you trying to kid ?