Mosquito bites

(Raj Seth) #1

YEAH - any mosquito within a 10 mile radius would seek me out - since Keto - not so much. I cant even remember a mosquito bite all spring and summer…

(Deborah ) #2

Wow, I really hope that’s a thing! Like you, I’ve been a magnet for biting bugs all my life, even when no one else was being bitten. I’ve joked that my warm weather perfume is “Eau de Off”! LOL!


Here to. i am 5 weeks in to keto, had only 3 bites in 5 weeks( and its summer time here) :innocent: and i only know that because i saw them :open_mouth: and not because they were itchy !

(Ethan) #4

Circumstantial. I get bit plenty when I am out in areas with mosquitos.

(Raj Seth) #5

try going keto…

(Jo O) #6

It hasn’t changed for me either. Visible: 3 of 7 bites from 15 mins sweeping my sidewalk.
Except that they are no longer saucer sized welts anymore.

(Raj Seth) #7

Swabian - Kehrwoche?

(I admin it, that’s a terrible pun.) #8

I’ve wanted to say I’ve noticed fewer bites than the years before, but wasn’t sure it was the weather (hot and dry) or the keto. Still, fewer mosquito bites is nice.

(bryan vandyke) #9

Last summer they were horrible in my area. My family couldn’t walk to the mailbox and back without a half dozen plus bites. Big nasty ones too. I’m usually a bug magnet and I got one. One all summer. I haven’t got one since, including this summer. (To be fair mosquitoes are nonexistent this summer and no one has really got bit.)

(Michelle) #10

I don’t get bites, but I take B vitamin complex. Some find that B12 helps ward off mosquitoes.

(Sophie) #11

(KCKO, KCFO) #12

Second summer keto, I have had one bite this year, my own fault, sunset by a lake full of them. Last summer the number dropped like a stone, but I had more than one by this time. Just not like before. I am no longer their favorite flavor. Heck this year, my husband has had more bites than me, just three, but more than me. I used to attract them away from him I guess.

Really nice keto bonus for me.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #13

I still get bitten, but not like before. I have been noticing, for a many years, that when my sugar consumption is high, the mosquitoes go for me like crazy. Conversely, eating a lot of garlic seems to repel them. I’m no longer eating sugar, so I’m not nearly as attractive; perhaps if I work on getting more garlic, I could stave of getting bit entirely. Hmmmm . . . . .

Moreover, I don’t seem to be reacting nearly as strongly to bites as I used to, pre-keto. It used to be that when I got bitten, the bite would fairly often cause a giant welt on the limb in question. These days, the bites don’t swell, and they stop itching in a couple of days. Guess this is another NSV that I hadn’t thought about. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Raj! :bacon:

(Troy) #14

For me, w my added caffeine addiction and energy
I mean intake😂

My mosquito Swatting is 10x as fast or accurate! SQUASH
In addition, my speed/dexterity simply amazing, I can now avoid these critters faster than ever.
It’s like I’m sensing b4 being attacked

Again, it’s the caffeine.
Has to be🤣

So YUP, less bites for me as well
No doubt

(Diane) #15


(Kate ) #16

Oh, man. The mosquitoes have loved me all 42 years of my life.
They still love me just as much, 3 months after starting keto. Jealous of your luck!

(Benj) #17

Still getting bitten but the allergi response is minimal

(Diane) #18

Still getting bitten, still very itchy. I’m going to experiment with B12 supplementation!


Hasn’t helped me at all. After six months keto I still get a million bites, but I live on a lake so I have lots of exposure.


No more sweet, or sugar, blood! Hope that happens for me as well!