Morning skeletal stiffness gone!

(Raj Seth) #1

In conversation with a fellow keto former T2D buddy, I realized that when I wake up, I no longer have to sit at the side of the bed and work the cricks out before I get up. I can just spring out of bed and go about my day

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That’s a _great_NSV!

(Crow T. Robot) #3



Same here! And I can get down the stairs w/o crawling or holding onto the walls! Amazing how that works! :grin:


The opposite has happened for me. :frowning:


I would say about half is gone. Waking up I am not stiff, same with walking down the stairs. If I have been sitting in a chair or car it takes about 5 steps to not walk like a bent old person (I am middle aged). So that last part is still there and annoying but I have had that since I was 33 and my son was born (never got an explanation as to what it was).

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I’m really biting my tongue here in terms of a response to this thread title…

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Funny how I didn’t think about that. That part is MOST CERTAINLY NOT gone :grinning: :grinning:
But I made it a family friendly title now. And I include “making a family” in things that are family friendly :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve got sub-editor brain - part of the job is to catch stuff like that before it gets published :slight_smile:


Yahoo! A success wonder! Go Keto!

(Carpe salata!) #11

YESSS! Absolutely gone. I can bounce out of bed instead of having to do a slow roll-out after building up some impetus to face the day. What a difference.

(Jeanne Wagner) #12

Awesome, a great sign of reduced inflammation. :smile: