Morning ketones AND Glucose up

(kimhowerton) #1

Morning ketonauts- question… For the first 6 months of keto I was waking up with ketones around .5 and BG around 80, then it went to ketones around .8 and BG about 90. (in that time my A1c went from 5.6 to 5.2 so I know average glucose down)
Recently, I’m regularly waking up with ketones over 1.0 but my BG is like 95-105 in the morning. I never register over 110 - even immediately post prandial.
Is this showing that my morning cortisol is low? That high a morning BG confuses me but it would make sense if my cortisol is lower than it used to be, causing less insulin release which allows my BG to go up and my ketones not to be subdued???
In this same time period, I’ve been experimenting adding a bit of sucralose (not splenda - liquid sucralose) to coffee in the morning (I used to use Truvia) I have not experienced blood sugar spikes with it after my coffee- but it’s a possible thing.
So for the next month I’m planning on eliminating the sucralose and seeing if anything changes.
If it was just the higher BS I’d lean more towards the idea it’s the sweetener, but combined with the higher ketones I’m leaning towards my cortisol theory plus some adaptive insulin resistance (blood sugars leveling on on long term keto)

(cathy bock) #2

You likely have physiological insulin resistance or more aptly called glucose sparing (gluconeogenisis) which is part of the keto adaption that occurs.

(kimhowerton) #3

That’s sort of what I figured… It’s so weird waking up with these higher numbers :slight_smile:

(cathy bock) #4

I worried about this for ages. Having found that it is normal allowed me to stop fretting. The other thing that occurred to me is that I was already doing as much as I could to keep glucose low.