Morning BG vs post workout BG

(dawn.hakala) #1

Plz try to explain this to me…
I’m in a fast right now… 63hrs in right now… took my BG reading…74 upon waking… Worked out 3 hrs later for an hour… All leg… showered, started getting ready to leave…BG is 103?? How and why???
Coffee with liquid sweetleaf & blob of coconut milk as well as 1ketoaide in me… That’s it…
I really want to understand

(Richard Morris) #2

Exercise causes inflammation which raises cortisol - most likely

(dawn.hakala) #3

So how long after a workout (while fasting) would be a good time to test?

(Tom Seest) #4

Yes. Exercise will usually raise the BG levels during a fast. Don’t worry about it. It will come back down.

One thing I have not had time to study is the effects of various forms of exercise while fasting. As an example, if I do HIIT, do I get less of a BG bump, versus Cardio versus Weight Lifting, etc. It would be fun to study, when I get more time.

(Charmaine) #5

I always wait 2-3 hours after fasting or not, especially if I’m doing big lifts.

(dawn.hakala) #6

I’d be willing to help you test that one! I like all the above… About to go to gym and do chest workout… We know my BG went up with big muscle group (legs) I’ll take my meter with me and test after chest (smaller group). Then I’m heading to dreadmill… Just not sure if I’ll be running… if I do, it’s usually HIIT style intervals… Granted, BG SHOULD be up already from strength, so this might bring it up more or no change… stay tuned :slight_smile:
PS… Just tested… I’m only down to 86

(Mark) #7

I have found to wait at least 3 to 4 hours to test after exercise, because Richard is right the stress hormone cortisol will dump glucose from your liver and can temporally raise readings in the short term but over the long term your body should adjust to the production of adrenaline as well,I had been curious about this question as well since I started watching my glucose back in July,but as I am learning everyone reacts differently, so as they say,your mileage may vary,there seems to be differences beteeen cardio and weight training as well,hit training is good but I have been doing a cool down period on the stationary bike, which I never did before and that seems to help,from what I understand it’s pretty common

(Mark) #8

(dawn.hakala) #9

Post chest…86… Now to dreadmill… BG stayed same
Edited: ended up power walking on incline rather than HIIT running… So no post dreadmill testing


Did you wash your hands? BG readings can notoriously change by 30 points easily. In fact, meters only have to be within 15% to pass FDA approval

I have done many same drop tests where I use the same drop of blood on the same meter with the same group of test strips. Easily have seen points off by 30 in this case.

I would not worry about it unless you have done this same thing 5-10x and have the same result fairly consistently.