More Christmas dinner leftovers

(Clive Butler) #1

This is 100% leftovers from lunch on Sunday. Scrumy
Turkey breast, sprouts and bacon, garlic cauliflower mash

(Griffin Mekelburg) #2

Now that looks like a great leftover meal! Man am I hungry now lol. Have yet to try Cauliflour Mash and im starting to feel left out lmao!

(Kali) #3

Looks yummy! My go to meals the last couple of days have been turkey breast with bacon & gravy. Had left over greenbeans last night, but they’re gone now /cry.

Oh well, my macros are back on track after my day of food chaos on sunday, so I’m feeling good. :slight_smile:

(Clive Butler) #4

There are loads of different receipes, but I would recommend roasting the cauliflower rather than boiling, gives a drier starting material. It’s mentioned on the thanksgiving podcast

(Griffin Mekelburg) #5

Good to know, will keep that in mind for sure!