Money-saving apps for keto foods


I wanted to share this money-saving tip with you - and especially today as I noticed a boatload of savings on keto foods this week.

There are smartphone apps, like “Checkout” and “Zweet”, that advertise weekly savings on grocery items. It doesn’t matter which grocery store you shop at, as they make their deals with the food manufacturers. The way it works is you buy your grocery items, and then send them a picture of your grocery bill. When your savings reach or exceed $20, they send you a check in the mail. Easy!

I’ve used this app and saved money on purchases in both Canada and USA. Each promotional item saves between $1 to $10.

Here’s an example what “keto” promotion this week is on Checkout app:
Spectrum Natural brand organic coconut oil
Maille Dijon mustard
Mrs Dash spice mix
Gold Seal brand canned tuna
Mio brand sugar-free liquid water enhancer (different flavours)
Crystal Light sugar-free liquid water enhancer
Kool-Aid sugar-free liquid water enhancer
Lavazza brand ground coffee
Melitta brand coffee pods, ground and whole coffee beans
Lamb Tonight brand fresh lamb (ground, chops, shoulder, etc)
Absolut vodka, Jameson Whiskey, J.P. Wiser whiskey ( :slight_smile: )
Celestial Seasonings brand tea (all sorts of types of tea)
Saputo brand cheese (cheddar, havarti, Gouda, etc)
Black Diamond brand cheese (cheddar, Gouda, Monterrey jack, etc)
Kingsey brand cheese (Swiss, havarti, mozzarella, etc)
Hormel brand deli meats, pepperoni, etc
Greek Gods brand Greek yogurt (10% fat!!)
Dream brand coconut milk
Europe’s Best brand frozen vegetables and fruits (broccoli, berries, etc)
Marantha brand natural nut butters (almond, hazelnut, sesame, etc)
Imagine brand beef and chicken broth