Misleading Media

(carl) #1

It’s unreal that USA Today warns about ketoacidosis


(Jay Patten) #2

Wow, USA Today. Just wow. Do they not have access to Google? :thinking:

(⚕ lowcarb.skrinak.com ⚕) #3

Or entirely consistent in their willing ignorance. They just need us to click, they don’t need to be accurate. I’m not surprised they’re clueless, though I wish I hadn’t clicked.

(Scott) #4

Excluding Type 1D and people whose ability to produce insulin is severely depressed, is it even possible to cross from ketosis to ketoacidosis? By my thinking if it was possible we would see the headlines all over the place on how this way of eating is killing people.

(CharleyD) #5

As far as I know, no you can’t get into ketoacidosis if you can still produce enough insulin to counter the high glucagon needed to keep glucose and ketones high. Especially if you eat this way, you won’t have enough liver glycogen to flood the blood with glucose to get into trouble.

(Scott) #6

That is what I thought. Its amazing that people charged with informing on matters of diet and health have no clue on this matter.

(carl) #7

It’s my understanding that if your pancreas produces insulin (i.e. NOT T1) than there is no risk of ketoacidosis by simply cutting carbs.

(Scott) #8

I think I remember that from the podcasts. I was cherry picking episodes like Dr. Fung but decided to start with the 1st and move up the list. I listen while running. I always learn something new and just wanted to say thank you. @carl


I’m not seeing ketoacidosis at the link you posted, just some recipes (RECIPES!!). Maybe a different article?

(Scott) #10

Gotta click the video at the top.


That’s a video? I thought it was just a giant picture of steak. Mmm… steak… :drooling_face:

Ah, yes and it also alters our mood to make us cranky. I guess I’ll need a Snickers bar, stat! :roll_eyes:

(Scott) #12

This is where I tell you keto is too restrictive AND dangerous AND wait for it…unsustainable.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #13

There are certain very rare circumstances where people can get into euglycemic ketoacidosis, people who are neither Type I nor end-stage Type II diabetics. Fasting during pregnancy or lactation, and certain specific drugs have both been implicated in such a condition. But as I say, it’s extremely rare.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #14

. . . not to mention that it will kill us!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


(Complete legend) #15

That would be “Misleading USA Today” rather than “Misleading Media.”

“USA Today” is not the entire media any more than Breitbart or The Daily Beast is the entire media.

(Alec) #16

RAOTFL. “…with guidance of a nutritionist…”

Oh I do like a good laugh in the morning. :joy::joy::joy:

(Carl Keller) #17

USA Today is owned by the Gannet Company. Gannet owns 20 television stations covering roughly 17 percent of the United States, according to Encyclopedia.com. And guess whose commercials put a lot of $$ in Gannet coffers?

(Graci) #18

As part of my new Cortisol and stress lowering plan, I am avoiding most news outlets :grin:

(Alec) #19

Great plan. I have been there for 25 years, only I avoid ALL news outlets, bar none. The only news I get is when someone posts a new study link on these forums!


Header with potatoes and cherry tomatoes next to the stakes. :ok_hand:

U gotta be in a desperate situation to put ur own name there on top of the (not even well done) corrupt ad for a slave wage. :slight_smile: