Miracle rice.... hmm


I literally thought this was a joke

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Ingredients? I’m immediately suspicious when it has words like miracle and promises no negative consequences, but with the “reward” of carb like tastes/textures. “Plant based.” :rofl::rofl:


As long as we don’t get small packages of “animal based meat” and “animal based egg”, I am fine.

This must be some illusion thingie as all konjac stuff. It feels like I eat NOTHING, a peculiar feeling :smiley: It’s actually fun for the first few times, I used to make “illusion pudding”, at least it had flavors and it wasn’t expensive as I used but a tiny konjac flour.

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That stuffs been around forever, it was the first Shiritaki / Konjac rice. Not bad, but doesn’t taste like rice either.


Yup, Miracle was the first one doing that. Doesn’t taste better than any of the others.

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I agree. Tried konjac and ditched.

If I want a rice sub I use riced cauliflower and heavily doctor it up with cream and butter. The key is to squeeze all the moisture out after you cook it. I line a small collander with paper towels, dump the cauli in, add paper towel on top, put a bowl on top and set it in the sink and press on the bowl until no water drains out.


If I am going to eat fake rice that doesn’t taste like rice it is going to be good old cauliflower.

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Meanwhile . . . anyone know a good meat-based rice substitute? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Pretty sure bacon can be used for anything rice can be used for…except maybe sake

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Now you’re talking my language!

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REPORTED! Delete this. :smile: