Minimum amount of protein?

(mykittashi) #1

I stalled until I lowered my protein below what a keto calculator advised for my macros (20g carbs, 67g protein, 147g fat). Am I doing any harm to myself eating about 50g protein per day? I always stay under 20g carbs, my plate fat has been 80-100g the last few days. I’m finally getting to the point that I’m not constantly hungry (started this WOE in mid-September with a few hiccups here and there).

(Arlene) #2

50g protein doesn’t sound unusual to me. Let your body decide, as it is ultimately smarter than any expert. I doubt early man worried whether they were getting too much protein in their diets. Sometimes I think we have the tendency to overthink. I know I do. If it really bothers you, seek out a ketogenic doctor for advice.

(mykittashi) #3

The 50g didn’t worry me until someone in another group told me that wasn’t enough protein! I do like to eat protein, but something finally clicked and after holding around 50g protein for several days, weight started dropping again. Yay!!

(Arlene) #4

I really believe we have to respect our individual bodies and do what works for us. I am someone that needs a lower protein amount as well. It looks like you may have found what works for you right now. If you feel like more protein at any time, I suspect you should eat more. I don’t think we ever remain static. I guess changing keeps us on our toes. :slight_smile:

(Bobbie Jo Stinger) #5

I am currently eating around 50g of protein pErika day, I have been doing this amount since August 2016 and I have never felt better. I see no ill effects from the lowered protien.


Pretty sure that @richard is playing guinea pig for us all at the moment and testing himself on the impacts of consuming less protein. Keep your eye (ear?!) out for an upcoming podcast in the coming months. Am looking forward to hearing how it goes.

(mykittashi) #7

I thought so, too, and then couldn’t find it on the forum and/or Facebook, nor could I remember which podcast that was on.


What is your LBM? You can calculate it here…

You will likely use the American tab? Tip - work it out then switch to the Metric tab which will give you your LBM in kg. Take the three and work out the average. Most (not all) use 1-1.5g per kg LBM. Some go lower - say 0.8 - and some go higher if they work out a lot etc. - 2 or more.

My suspicion is that you have found the sweet spot naturally because you feel good and are losing weight without hunger. You could work out the stats to reassure yourself or not - just keep going by how you feel because that is a really good indicator IMO.

Sounds like you are doing really well and working out what is best for you. FANTASTIC.