Mince pie solutions please?

(Prancing Pony) #1

So my veg box supplier sent an adorable mini mince pie freebie. It was the size of my thumb tip and had maybe 10g of carbs of which 6g were sugars. So I chose to try it instead of lunch and 15 minutes later felt like I was going to fall a sleep :joy: so even tiny mince pies are a no.

I was trying to think of a keto substitute but am struggling as most of a mince pie is fruit and sugar. Anyone got anything to suggest?

(Rebecca) #2

To get that festive flavour how about adding brandy, zested oranges and mixed spice to a billowing heap of whipped double cream?

Or go back to its historical route and add the above flavourings to minced meat instead! Okay, this second suggestion isn’t a serious one!

I’m thinking of the above creamy option of ‘mince pie mousse’ for my own nod to Christmas traditions!

(Prancing Pony) #3

Actually both seem like a great idea! Thanks

(Rebecca) #4

Looking forward to comparing notes! :christmas_tree:

(Eric) #5

Here is a recipe for mincemeat tarts from All Day I Dream About Food