Milk in Tea?

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #1

This is something, pre Keto, I’d drink several times a day, I’m English and some people drink nothing else!
I tried it today for the first time in 9 months. It was disgusting, tasted rotten! never again.

(KM) #2

My only “milk” in the house is heavy cream. I find it definitely depends on the tea, but I love it in my masala chai. Definitely a no go for herbal or citrus teas.


I never was into it except to make Assam milder, just a drop.

I am drinking tea with milk (much more) now, it’s wonderful, of course it takes the right tea :slight_smile:

I am in my milk phase anyway but milk in tea came when I got a tea that was better with cream and then I quit coffee…

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #4

Oh, yes! I’d never put heavy cream in anything but coffee; it’s just too much for teas. And milk in anything citrus, as you say, is a real mistake. (I put some in a cup of Earl Grey, once. I found out later that the main flavouring, bergamot, is a citrus, lol!)

But I learned to appreciate plain tea long ago. Even milk can overwhelm the delicate flavours of most black tea blends, and even more so with green tea and other variants.


I remember the English lesson when we Hungarian kids really didn’t want milk in our tea, cultural exploration be darned :wink:
Some kids were even more determined to avoid their fate and put lemon into their tea.
The teacher didn’t care and poured milk into it as well. It wasn’t pretty. As we all knew it but the teacher was a bit too hard-headed.

My SO used up the leftover milk so I drink a flavored tea (Irish Cream) with whipping cream now. Warm and nice. My room is cold, we started to use the A/C for heating today but it’s downstairs and will require a few days to reach our rooms upstairs. At least it will reach here, sadly the cool air in summer doesn’t come up. We will end up having more in the future… Climate change is serious.

Oh! I may have read it before but forgot… It doesn’t feel like a citrus so I probably would dare to use cream/milk in that :slight_smile: Maybe it wouldn’t be good… I noticed Earl Gray has a character so I can’t really add stuff. I have my very subtle, alone quite boring tea for that . I add spicy tea to it (chai. almost exclusively spices, the black tea is so tiny… but good for spicing up my boring ones), not milk, though. Lemon suits it more, sometimes I drink it like that. My rare sweetened (le gasp! :scream: ) lemon tea uses that boring one. Sometimes I am in a nostalgic feeling, okay? I stopped drinking my tea unsweetened more than 2 decades ago but there are exceptional cases.

So people put milk into green tea? I never would. I think. Now I got mildly curious… But I always felt only a strong black tea without subtle flavors works with milk… Not like I have much experience with this odd thing, drinking tea with milk :smiley:

I saw a video about what one can drink in a cafe if they dislike coffee… And there were some teas with a lot of milk so that is apparently a thing somewhere.


I find milk as a drink or added to a drink to be horrid tasting. My mom told me I stopped accepting milk at 6 months, I still won’t accept it in a drink of any kind. I do use it some in cooking, but have found most recipes are just fine if I sub cream or half and half.

(Karen) #7

I used to be able to drink milk and remember the cafes always had ice cold milk in a container attached to wall. I stopped drinking milk qhen i stopped drinking tea and started on coffee and always drank it black. Well you’re roght there’s no going back. I had troed once or twice qhen i just fancied a white tea but before i got to a few sips down the after taste was just too vile. So it was that i took black tea and black coffee ever since and it has been many years now so i can’t see me changing any time in the foreseeable future!


I’ve always been a coffee guy, but less and less since the second round with COVID it just doesn’t taste the same, so been drinking more Tea lately, but gotta drink it with a splash of milk. Must be my Irish side, everybody on that side was always tea drinkers, and always with milk. Same for the all Irish restaurants and others, it was like it was illegal to not put milk in it, picked up a lot of that stiff especially living in an Irish dominated city (Boston).


Milk in tea is a preference. As you describe @Pjam Peter, it tends to be driven by flavour. There are also many different ‘milks’. Milk in tea is a preference.

Cow’s milk does seem problematic for some people. It is the main conflict in the confusing discussion about an even bigger food group called dairy. Lactose intolerance is the obvious first thought. The milk runs off down many rabbit holes from there.

On a well designed keto diet, I guess we would need to attend our thoughts to tea and coffee addiction. But within that, as previous respondents have noted, reducing or eliminating milk in the drink seems to be a common experiment that benefits many reporters.

For physiological health, it seems eliminating the milk seems the safest. For mental and physical health it may be best to not get between a mainstream food pyramid-shaped Englishman and his milky tea.

(KCKO, KCFO) #11

I love those too, just can’t take milk, once it becomes cheese, etc. I can consume those just fine.

(Pete A) #12

I love tea, its delicious to me. No milk. Mostly no decaf. Hot or iced.


I have just finished my tea with cream, milk is so much better as the UHT flavor of cream is very apparent in tea (I can easily buy raw milk but not non-UHT cream)… Still not bad though, just worse (except the fattiness, that’s nice. oh give me 3.6% milk, that is rich enough)… So I keep drinking tea with cream until we get milk again… Oh my, until some weeks ago I didn’t drink tea with milk, then sometimes, now it is multiple times a day… I know the reasons but still, it’s so interesting how much my diet changes sometimes.