(J) #1

MILEstone. Not under 7 minutes yet, but an even-paced stride, no sprinting, at 7:30, I’ll take it, God be praised for the progress.


I am lazy and went and asked my SO (he actually runs, I am trying sometimes) and he says it’s great. He is significantly slower after years.
So congrats! :slight_smile:

(Bob M) #3

That is a great time! Only 80 calories though? These devices suck and are just guessing.

(Alec) #4

That’s a very interesting challenge. I have never run a mile as hard as I can… I will do it at parkrun this Saturday and see what I can do. Your 7.30/mile is approx 4.40/k, and that is fast, I reckon… can I match it? I am gonna try. My target 5k racepace is 5.10/k… you are 30secs/k faster for a mile… I am not a miler… could be interesting.

(Bob M) #5

I’ve been taking my puppy (almost 1 year old) jogging. Running only a mile right now, as I need some time before I take her to the park. The street we’re on has no one out when we jog and is straight. Meanwhile, the park would have people, dogs, and a trail with crosswalks, paths, etc.

She pulls me along and is killing me, and I’m nowhere near 7 minutes a mile. And she has the audacity to not be winded or tired at all!! :grinning:

(Alec) #6

Youth is wasted on the young. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy physical youth and the wisdom of age both together? I am trying to get my youth back through carnivore and running. Getting there…

(Alec) #7

Hi, @jh5899 I am keen to know how old you are… I want to know how disappointed I need to be if I fail to match or beat you. :joy::joy::joy: you look quite youthful in the small thumbnail… am I right?

I am an old bloke… 58yo, and also a recovering fatso, so I am still only half way through my journey to fast…

I have been thinking about this… I reckon I can do 4.40/k for about 400-500m, but then I am going to blow: we shall see! Looking forward to it! These kind of challenges are good to improve your running…

MUCH better than the challenge I am going to avoid organised by my running club called the “Tradie Mile”… description below… :joy::joy::joy:

The Tradie Mile is a running event designed to reflect the day of a tradie, but in the formation of a beer mile.
The format is:
Eat a weetbix (dry, no fluids allowed to wash it down) - then run 400 metres
Drink a 600 ml flavoured milk - then run 400 metres
Eat a pie (must be standard size, can be cold, hot or however you like it) - then run 400 metres
Drink a beer - and run 400 metres.
Each participant is responsible for supplying all their own food and beverages (and for keeping them warm/cold).

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #8

Old, pfft! You’re a child! :grin:

(Alec) #9

Trying to be…

(J) #10

44 next month, LORD willing.

Lost about 104lbs total between mid February, 2022 and sometime mid September. Was 5’7” 265, down to circa 161. Started weightlifting again in October adding muscle back. Currently sitting around 175. I’m really not competing, just watching progress till the end of my days, hopefully! I hope you exceed far beyond me!

Easy 5k, getting sun & returning the LUNA sandals into the mix, weather so fine. My newbalance minimus are excellent shoes esp on cloudy & cold days, but there’s somethin’ about sandal-strap farmer’s tan & character-building crags diggin’ into the foot that can’t be beaten.

(Alec) #11

This is flippin’ AWESOME!! Very very well done! What has been your regime? Simple keto? That is very fast weight loss: 100lbs in 30 weeks… 3lbs a week! Brilliant.

As a 44yo, you will naturally be faster than me, so I won’t be too disappointed if I can’t match you :joy::joy:. But I am gonna try!

(Robin) #12

Not only have you lost and incredible amount of weight, you have lost several chins as well!
Well done, you!


I wouldn’t call that actually old… It’s just the age where I usually don’t say “young”… It depends the shape of one is in! :wink: You are improving yours, good :smiley:
I want to live until 130 or so (in good enough health, of course, it’s good I like challenges but I need to lose part of my laziness), 58 can’t be old! :smiley:

(Alec) #14

I am thinking about this in the running context, and to me 58 is old… but if the context is “life” then I would agree that 58 is not so old. I am hoping and expecting and planning for a minimum of another 30 years of life. There’s a long way to go, and I want that journey to be healthy (hence carnivore and running… although I am listening to Bart Kay and he is saying endurance running is not healthy…hmmm)

(J) #15

Strict keto (I didn’t count macros, just made sure I stayed under 20g of carbs) thru August. Maybe mid September, in order to start heavy lifting again, I began with whole/real food carbs designated around lifts. Not much method. Lifting 3x a week. Cardio varies from day to day (sometimes I just walk, sometimes I run a 5k, or a 10k). Probably averaging 10-12k steps 6 days a week. Try to get 7hrs of sleep. Try to get sunlight when I can.

(J) #16

Funny story. Was at fellowship at pastor’s house, and somebody quipped “You’ve lost a whole Backstreet Boy this year.” :rofl::joy:


There are way older people running marathons :smiley: After some age they get quite slow, usually but not at 58 yet! According to what I have read, longer distance running is one of the few sports where one’s performance doesn’t have its peak when quite young. Good. I am already 46 and I barely started to run tiny distances and I am so slow at making them bigger…

But I just want to run maybe half marathons, no matter the speed as long as it’s a shorter time than doing the same walking :wink: I walk quickly. And can’t run yet, only in super tiny bits.

YAY! I love people with this attitude! I see way too many people thinking oh they are old and just give up on things, it’s sad.
Good luck, you deserve getting what you want if you put into the effort! :slight_smile:

I think forcing our body to reach its limits as pro athletes do, that’s straining. Normally it should be okay… Not like I know much about these things.

Lol. You definitely transformed wonderfully and your body thanks you for it :slight_smile:

(Alec) #18

Ok, I did it, and guess what? 7.33! You just beat me, but I am absolutely stoked with that! I went as hard as I could at the start of today’s parkrun. First k was 4.40, and the next 0.61k was 2.53, making a total of 7.33.

I didn’t really know how fast I was going… I was just measuring the effort to be as hard and fast as I could sustain for 1.61k (1 mile). I think I slowed a little in the last 2-300m, but I was very pleased that I sustained that pace for that long. It did make the rest of the parkrun rather tough, but that was secondary to today’s primary goal of going as fast as possible for a mile.

Great challenge… thank you for doing it and challenging us. I think this has been good for me… just going that fast for a sustained effort I think will be very beneficial.

(Robin) #19

Well done! Surprised yourself, eh? Dontcha just love it?

(Alec) #20

Surprisingly, I actually did love it. I thought it was going to be really painful, but it wasn’t. Perhaps this simply means I didn’t put in enough, but that comes with speed training. I did this with no speed training at all. If I trained for it, I know I could go faster.

Maybe now I have got a taste of it, I might add some more of this type of training. It is a very different event to what I am currently training for: a half marathon. But raw speed is always helpful even in the longer distances.