Mikey's Muffins

(Michael Iafrato ) #1

I am looking at the Mikey’s Muffin site after someone mentioned their pizza crust. Has anyone tried their muffins. It seems to be Keto friendly and something that could work for breakfast or a dessert.

(Christian Ross) #2

I’ve had their muffins. Their OK. A little dry, but passable. But you’ll be very disappointed if your thinking they’re anything like a real muffin. Make a one-minute muffin with half almond flour and half flax. Better and cheaper.

(Michael Iafrato ) #3

So if I get one I need to make sure I put lots of butter on it :slight_smile:

(Christian Ross) #4

Basically, or cream cheese. That’s what I did.:grin:

(Kelly LeBlanc) #5

I use the onion ones are “buns” for burgers on occasion. I toast them up fairly crispy, butter and then stuff with whatever I have handy.