Mike's Excellent Sous Vide Adventure 🥩

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Maybe? I just haven’t ever found anything like that necessary. I would be worried about any chemicals in the paper like dioxins maybe? Formaldehyde? Bleach?
Also I use the juice generally. Pan sauce, or I keep a container in the freezer and dump it in. When it gets full I cook it down and make a Demi glacé type liquid for cooking with. Or add some to stuff like green beans as a braiding liquid. It also adds to soups.

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I have a rig that plugs on the end of that hose, it vacuum seals reg and wide mouth mason jars. Great for extended refrigeration of stuff like marinara or bone broth to keep about 3x as long under refrigeration without going bad. You can make creme brûlée’s or custard in 8oz mason jars too. I have made imitation egg bites (Starbucks food item) that are pretty good. You can make a bunch for easy breakfasts.


I highly recommend downloading the free Joule app as a guide for sousvide times and temperatures. It’s the best and has great mini videos showing each level of meat from rare to well done and frozen & fresh cooking times for meats. I start most of my stuff from frozen. I buy a big piece of meat, cut it into portions, salt, vacuum and freeze. When you want to cook just pull it from the freezer and toss it in the bath. :cowboy_hat_face:

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At 150F the steak will be extra well done and quite tough without an extended cook time. I missed what cut that was you used. Stuff like chuck will need a longer cook than a ribeye or sirloin.

If you want it pink but more tender use a longer cook time and keep the temperature low. Definitely download the Joule app, you will learn from it to zero in on your favorite temperatures and times. Sousvide will hold meat for quite a while without overcooking it so you can experiment with cook times to get the texture you want. I cook beef as low as I can get away with it. If you sear it will cook a little more so I undercook the temperature but stay at 130F minimum for myself. The longer cooking time will be rare but completely pasteurized. I do pork loin or tenderloin pink all the time, like 132F. I like to Blacken them afterwards Cajun style. Super juicy and tender. Video still of pork loin chop from the Joule app,


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Again one of these at 140℉ for 6 hours. I wanted to see if the additional time would have a noticeable effect on the meat’s tenderness. And it did!

That’s a bowl of Boursin Cracked Black Pepper Cheese behind. The meat has so little fat I had to add something to bump up the overall fat for the meal. Boursin is a high fat cheese, creamy in texture with a mild flavour. This was the first time I tried it. Like it a lot!