Might help some newbies

(Scott) #1

I am a newbie (just over 4 months) . List a lot at thebeginning then in April and mid May was around a pounds or less a week . In June I cut out all processed meat and cheese and almost 3 pounds a week down . Could be a shock to system but may help some people . I was eating cheese strings and pepperoni or salami etc . Miss them but right now nice to see scale move

(hottie turned hag) #2

I adore deli meat and cheese. I gave up cheese and veg (just ate meat and eggs) in March to break a stall and it worked fast, I lost 6lb straightaway. Now no loss since April. Not sure what to try next #pissedashell
You can try eliminating veg too, carbs in veg are sneaky af.

(Scott) #3

I can’t mycauliflower mash , it’s my fav things . Or broccoli with butter. I even stopped bacon which was pretty easy. I guess it’s just something new my body is getting used to

(hottie turned hag) #4

One thing sure is switching things up (eating times, cal amt, more meat, less meat, no veg, etc) is always the first thing to try when stalled.

In my case I’ve broken stalls that way. But am now so close to goal weight and running out of things to switch up :expressionless:

(Scott) #5

It might also be with finally nice weather,outside more riding bike golfing etc . I’m still about 40 lbs away

(Carl Keller) #6

I consider dairy and nuts to be my new candy. I really enjoy those things but I know I don’t need them. When I greatly reduced both of those, I went from losing a pound per week to losing 2-3 pounds per week.

(Scott) #7

Our bodies are so different. The only dairy right now is heavy cream and butter on cauliflower mash and butter on my broccoli .

So miss pineapple. My daughter wants it on her lunch all the time . And it’s rhe Costa Rica pineapple which I find to be the best . Was there last summer

(Chris Wolfgram) #8

Hello :slightly_smiling_face: Well first off, just to clarify, are you saying “all you did” was cut out processed meats and cheeses ? As in, you still eat carbs ?

Going on a month ago, I cut my carbs down to below 20 a day. Since then, I have eaten more cheese than I use to. Maybe more processed meats too… I’ve had pepperoni, and salami.
But anyway, I’m sure I’m down 20lbs in only 3 weeks, and feeling fantastic :slightly_smiling_face: Bouncing back fast from hard core workouts !

I don’t try to eat super clean, nor do I count my exact macros balances, or calories. I just eat very little carbs, eat lots of meat, and boost the fats wherever possible… And where it makes eating more enjoyable :slightly_smiling_face:

And Bam ! Loving this Keto thing, and it really works too ! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Scott) #9

No still under 20 carbs. That’s what I was doing to and weight was coming off. You will hit little stalls or bigger stalls and when you do this might help and I also did a 4 day egg fast too , it helped . Just different things to trick your body . Haven’t done a total fast as I don’t know if I could

(Nasir) #10

So the weighing did not go well yesterday?

(Scott) #11

No I was stalling a bit imid April to late May , just going well since no chesse or cold it meats and bacon

(Full Metal Keto) #12

Try daikon mash if you can get daikon where you live. Better than cauliflower! Add a little dried garlic to it.


(Scott) #13

I have never seen daikon in our grocery store , but will check abdno idea how to cook . That’s what YouTube is for

(hottie turned hag) #14

Ack NO I am still 116! :expressionless:
Since April.

Not sure what to try next to get to goal (110).
I know it seems silly to be mad over the last 6 lbs to goal.
My frame is so small I could prob be 100, though. I am barely 5’2".
Trust me there is still chub and flab to lose.

I went from 122 to 116 pretty fast after eliminating cheese and veg and going to just meat and eggs. That was back in March.
Am deathly sick of meat now and went back to cheese and veg (far less veg than before though) as of yesterday.

(don’t wish to hijack thread, though).

(Chris Wolfgram) #15

You are about the size of my GF, so I know how much of a difference 6lbs would make on you…

(traci simpson) #16

As soon as I finish the broccoli and cauliflower mash I’m going to just eat cheese, meat and eggs to see if I can get the scale to move. Oh I have to have butter or HWC in my cofee

(hottie turned hag) #17

I say try it, no harm can result and it worked for me; include deli meat if you like it to break monotony. It def worked with the quickness to break a months long stall for me. I left out cheese too but those sneaky carbs in veg can really get you; I bet you’ll find the removal of veg to be a help.

(traci simpson) #18

We will see. I don’t eat that many veggies besides the occasional salad.