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I’m not sure if this is where to post this or not? I’m a newbie and have been missing for a bit. I didn’t drop off or go back to eating carbs! My Mom was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and she lives in another state with my sister. This news has devastated me and I’ve been trying to keep it together and help my sister begin this difficult journey of being our Mothers caregiver. We are both certified nursing assistants and I’ve been for thirty years, so we know what we are up against. But caring for patients with Alzheimer’s in a nursing home and seeing your own Mother declining with it is very different. I’m repeating the mantra Keep calm and Keto on and saying a lot of prayers. I weighed myself at work last week and I’m down to 213.8, and I got into some clothes that I couldn’t wear before so I guess I’m doing ok with my Keto lifestyle. Please say a prayer for my family!

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Search Amy Berger’s site for “Alzheimer’s” for additional info.

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Welcome back to the form, Mia, and my mom that is 91 has it, it is very difficult. It is great that she has your sister with her, and your support will mean a lot to your sister, too. It will get harder for her, so talking to her on the phone and staying in close contact with her will help her be a better caregiver and help make her feel supported as well, as I am sure it is hard being far away from them, especially during these difficult times.

Congrats on staying Keto through all this, and getting into old clothes, that is a great feeling, so well done on that. My hubby has hydrocephalus and Parkinson’s so is experiencing similar symptoms to Alzheimer’s and he is only 55, so I know how hard it is seeing a loved one in this situation. Take care and stay strong for both of them.


Sorry you and your sister have to go through that. Just remember that taking care of yourselves is important too. I let myself slide a bit too far from keto when I was taking care of my father under similar circumstances, and it turned into a downward spiral.