Metabolic syndrome in my 2 year old?


Is it possible my two year old has some amount of metabolic syndrome??? He is ridiculously “hangry” an hour before meals! It could just be that he is 2, but he acts like I used to feel before I started keto 10 months ago. He is wearing me out!!!

(Lauren) #2

My 2yr old is like this right now. And while I can’t give advice as to metabolic syndrome, all 5 of mine have been like this at some point. With my current 2yr old, I know from previous eating patterns that he is gearing up for a growth spurt. Oct-Dec '16 he was hangry and ate everything all day long. He grew 3in and gained 4lbs. Jan-April '17 he had minimal appetite. Now he’s back to devouring everything.


Thank you!! I hadn’t considered a possible growth spurt coming! You would think since this is my 4th, I’d kinda know/remember these things! Lol!! :grin:

(Lauren) #4

I have moments like that, too. My 2yr old is number 4 of 5, and I still feel like I’m learning about kids!

(jketoscribe) #5

My oldest has been that way almost from the day she was weaned right around 12 months (she’s 24 now!). When she was little you could literally watch her face turn from it’s usual demeanor to her “witchy look”–kind of twisted up and angry and then the whining and temper tantrums would begin. We learned that she needed to EAT or drink and then you could actually time it from her twisted up angry look to her usual calm happy face about 20 seconds after a few sips of juice (I know . . . ) or something to eat. When she was a teen we’d have these whopper arguments with me screaming “EAT SOMETHING” and her screaming back “I DON’T WANT TO!!” while my husband tried to make himself invisible.

Yes, she got it from me, I was the blood sugar queen of mean until I discovered LCHF. And then we learned not to ply her with sugar like juices when she got like that, but she never wanted protein or fat foods either so it was still hard. Sometimes I could get her to eat a little cheese. My poor husband had to put up with it from both of us. So yes, I think she has metabolic syndrome, too, although she’s very thin so far. And she’s a sugar addicted pastatarian. She will have none of this LCHF stuff her mom does. I’ve tried to tell her, but she’ll hopefully figure it out one day.

(Jean Taylor) #6

If you read about tantrums in small children one of the 1st things you’ll see is to make sure they’re well fed and not tired. It’s totally normal for a kid that age to get mad when he starts getting hungry. Mines 2 now. I’m hoping the baby rage will fade as his speech improves lol