Metabolic Health Summit - SoCal - Jan 31, 2019

(Troy) #1

I’m broke :sweat:
Maybe I’ll start a gofundme-Keto account :rofl:
Or just show up and …umm …mosey in😁

Lots of impressive speakers/lineup
Thought I would share any ways

Dr. Ludwig
Dr. D’Agostino
Jeff Volek
Dr. Ede
Sarah Hallberg


(TJ Borden) #2

I say you go that route. If they question you, just say “I’m Troy from the ketogenic forums… I’m kind of a big deal.”

(Troy) #3

thanks :rofl:
Great point and advice
Keto Swag!!

I know the area very well.
LOTS of past free entries☺️

W my added Keto energy, mental clarity, and and cat like reflexes
I can SO EASILY , just Troy Cruise it in, Mission Impossible-ish😄
As a last or first resort

(TJ Borden) #4


(Regina) #5

That would be so cool!

(Bunny) #6

Dam, that is a high caliber line-up of scientists!

(Troy) #7

Plea is still out🤔
I’m close
Everyone pitch in $

I will go in “ wired “ and camera and micd up🤣

And share my findings here😄

(Janet) #8

Victoria Field works with Epigenix and is involved with the marketing of this conference. She shares more details within this interview with Mike Mutzel.

In addition to the Epigenix YouTube channel, the videod talks from the three previous conferences in Tampa are now published on this website:

(Troy) #9


25% discount off general admission
I am still broke😓

Perhaps other(s) can attend

If so