Merry Keto-mas

(Chris) #1

I’ve been eating (to the best of my knowledge) keto for the past three weeks, and I feel great. I think I’ve lost between 7 and 9 pounds since I started; it’s nice that some of my clothes are fitting a little better. By far the biggest change I’ve noticed is the energy boost. I’m rarely tired during the day, and my food doesn’t weigh me down. Everyone around me gets so groggy and logy after eating and I’m still in top condition.

Hunger feels less…intense. I don’t feel panicky when hungry and can calmly decide when to eat.

I’m cooking a lot more. My staples are beef patties, eggs, bacon, guacamole and chicken liver! If I want a snack, I have some pork rinds. I’m probably going to start targeting zero carb, but I’m having some broccoli and Brussel sprouts too.

I’m thinking of incorporating some fasts. It’s so nice that here at the beginning, things are already feeling so good. Thanks as always for the support and happy holidays!

(Robin) #2

Such good news! What a great year 2022 will be for you!

(Lisa Hiller) #3

I’m sliding down a slippery slope and have had some sugar in the last week- luckily I am able to at least maintain a 14:10 fast…ready for holiday season to be over!


Congrats and welcome to the journey!

What is your desire for zero carb right now? Do the brussel sprouts and/or broccoli cause any discernible issues?

I’m glad progress is going well and you are feeling great. Keep it up!

(Robin) #5

Slippery slopes are just set-backs. You haven’t lost the battle and you know what to do. Not worth the guilt. You got this!

(Marianne) #6

Almost a year ago, I naturally morphed to zero carb. I’ve always eaten mainly meat, eggs, bacon, a little cheese, and would just steam some brussels sprouts for dinner with salt and butter. That was usually every night for two years. A year ago, February, I thought, “I really don’t need to eat these brussels sprouts…,” so I made them for my husband and stopped eating anything green. It’s been great and no issue at all - very delectable, in fact. I love rich and fatty protein. Vegetables, including salad, were just conduits to put fat on anyway - either butter or dressing - so I found I didn’t need them.

Good luck on your journey! I’m always so happy when people find keto easy and satisfying. There are so many incredible benefits to it besides just losing weight.