Melting fat bomb ingredients in Sous Vide

(Stephanie Hanson) #1

I want to melt/soften coconut oil, cream cheese and butter using a Sous Vide. I was thinking I would just place the ingredients in a glass container in the water. What temp would I set the Sous Vide to?

(Karen Fricke) #2

The coconut oil and butter need less that 100F, not sure about the cream cheese, it should be close to the same. I do fat bombs in a big glass measuring cup. Put a stick of butter first, melt it in the microwave, add the next ingredient until the level of butter rises to the appropriate line, and so on. Put it back in the microwave 30 sec at a time and stir in between. When it’s smooth, the spot on the cup makes it easy to put into the molds. All I got dirty is the cup and spoon, takes me less than 15 minutes.

(Stephanie Hanson) #3

TY. I’ve been making them in the microwave too but want to get away from using it.