Meet the men who eat only meat

(Bob M) #1

Makes statements like this, though:


Such a statement is not wrong. Just very misleading.


Yeah, I saw that article too. Lots of dumb statements in it. Not just the one you posted.

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True, like this one:


Ah, what?

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A carbohydrate rich diet is also linked to increased methane production. Who’s farting more, the carboholics or the cows?

(Geoffrey) #5

That statement alone just proves to me that nothing that Buettner says or does is valid.

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The agenda is strong with just that one mere quote.

“… no long-lived culture in the history of the world”… Ah yes because our ancestors were munching on leaves all day.

Those spears?

Used to hunt leaves.


Tiny spears on a stick are a rake.

Or, a fork.

I think you have spotted the toxin, and it’s not the meat, nor the leaves, it’s the human agenda setting and the heart-healthy grains waffle soaked in industrial seed oils they present it with in the mainstream media.

I’m putting my low-carb energy toward sleeping, rather than swatting vegetarian climate activists.


I thought it was burps. But if you feed them some algae it’s all sorted.

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This is a problem I have with the cow area. One set of people are agreeing that there is a fixed amount of methane per cow (which is true), while also making the argument that cows - if handled properly - can benefit the land and therefore the earth, regardless of methane. (And let’s not even get into the methane produced by the oil/gas/natural gas producers.) That is, the methane production is offset by benefits.

Another group is trying to add food (such as algae) to feed for cows to reduce methane emissions from cows. While I see the reasoning behind this, is this really a benefit? Are there any detriments to this? Does this imply that the overall emissions from cows has to be addressed?

So confusing.

But this is why a statement like “cows produce methane” is a tough one. It’s true, while at the same time being misleading. But to counteract it, it takes a ton of actual data and information.


When raised cramped in closed quarters in pens and factories with thousands of other cows eating God knows what kind of feed, do they create a larger volume of methane when compared to free roaming cows raised naturally in open pastures eating grass?

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I believe they create about the same. In fact, I think since the feed is “better”, they might create less. We’d have to have Peter Ballerstedt to discuss, though.

As for the close quarters and the like, there are detriments to that ecologically.

Peter Ballerstedt discussed that, too. But it looks like most/all of his stuff is done via podcasts. Not much printed I can see.

(Geoffrey) #12

I for one have never heard my cattle burp. I’m sure they probably do but I’m sure they’ve probably never heard me burp either. :rofl:

Ruminating animals have been on this earth since the beginning of time with no ill effects to the planet.
Industry has been on the planet for what?…150 years or so?…. and now the environment is in trouble? Yeah, I don’t believe the cattle are the problem. And why are they picking on cattle? There’s a lot more ruminants out there than just cattle.
I personally do not believe that humans are causing a “climate change”. I believe it’s a cyclical thing that has been going on since the beginning of time and history proves that out.
If it is mankind then nothing the Us, the UK, Europe or Australia can do to affect it until countries like China and India get on board and that ain’t happening anytime soon.
Quit picking on my cows! :heart::ox::heart:

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I googled. The three answers: grass-fed cows produce less, grass-fed cows produce more, they produce the same amount as grain fed cows. :woozy_face:



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I used to think that these carnivores were utterly crazy. Now I think the people who aren’t are the crazy ones…. Ah, perspective! :joy::joy::joy:


@Alecmcq: I don’t go that far but yes, my attitude/opinion changed too, a lot :smiley: To be fair, I met reddit carnivores first and I still say they were crazy… I only considered carnivores extreme and hardcore :smiley: Now it seems pretty normal, definitely more normal than the ketoers with their complex recipes…
And it’s more like about what is “normal” for me, I still understand many people needs something way different from carnivore or keto. We are all different and even low-carb isn’t for everyone.
Even so, the vast majority of things in supermarkets are so super weird, why would anyone eat those…? Beats me. And I feel people overcomplicate things and can’t enjoy the flavor of tasty things as it is, I never understood that either. But it got way, way worse after eating so much simple carni dishes for years (among other things but even so, I changed a lot). I don’t eat simple, I have zillion different items almost every day but most of my dishes are still simple.
Oh well, each to their own but I do find it a problem that people must add so many different things (or one very complex sauce from a bottle) to everything, they need 2 different fruit flavors in their water and who knows what in their yogurt… I don’t think this leads to good things if people get used to this. I am not against making things more interesting sometimes but it seems to me modern average people can’t eat or drink simple anymore. And it doesn’t sit well with me. And their insane unnecessary garbage making is even painful.

If I write this much, I better read the article itself…

I don’t know what sex has to do with it, honestly. Yeah, stereotypes…

“This tastes like candy,” he said

No it doesn’t, AT ALL. Though I can’t possibly know what candy is for him and how his unique tastebuds work…

a meat-heavy diet is the key to mental and physical well-being.

Definitely not. But I have heard about people who badly needed meat so it’s individual. Oh and mental? Yep, some people would badly miss meat if they went without it for years. I never missed it. (I would now that my body wants very low plant carbs so I can’t get my nutrients without a decent amount of meat. Even one day without meat is a stretch, let’s hope I won’t ever see a meatless apocalypse. Or any kind, if I may ask. But most people are fine with more carbs. And there is nothing in meat we couldn’t get from other things.)

While some add dairy and a little fruit to the mix

Oh my, WHAT carnivore definition is that? NO DAIRY but if we add dairy for a relaxed version, we can add sugary fruits, what’s the difference? Nope. Dairy is totally carnivore as it’s animal, fruit is almost only just sugar with fiber and water and quite obviously plant matter… I get tea and coffee and spices but fruit?! Even my own “carnivore-ish” that is not carnivore only allows some lemon juice drops as that is condiment level (just way less carby than most condiments).

the strictest proponents adhere to what they call BBBE — that is, beef, bacon, butter and eggs.

:smiley: The strictest is beef only, I though that was known enough, or at least the fresh meat only version… Processed meat, dairy (even if it’s mostly fat) and egg isn’t in the strictest…

a person’s “colon would fall out from lack of fiber” on the regimen


“And then I go back to my old low-carb diet and feel worse.”

Oh yes, I experienced that. Not always but sometimes. When I overdo plant carbs, usually. My body did that a few times. I dropped my plant carbs a lot and my body decided it is its new fav and complained when I went back for a while. Some people consider it bad, I consider it good as long as I don’t get suddenly unwell, merely get subtly warnings.

Oh, anchestors and certain people eating this way or another. While that is interesting and of course it’s good to research and know about that, I don’t know why is should be so important in our individual decisions about our right diet. I don’t care what my anchestors ate, if I am unwell on one diet and thrive on the other, I will chose the other and will feel good about my decision. I encourage people to try out new, promising diets (being open-minded and somewhat knowledgeable is very useful but listening to out body works well for the luckier ones too) but I strongly believe there is no specific diet that suits everyone.

It is notable that online promoters almost exclusively post videos eating red meat, though fish is part of the diet.

Yeah because most of the carnivore I ever met found red meat way more substantial and maybe even enjoyable… For many, it must be ruminant meat. Pork works for me but I suspect ruminants are even better for satiation. But pork is good enough. Fowls aren’t.

“We live in an environment where 95 out of 100 food decisions presented to us are bad,” he said. “So in desperation, to turn to an extreme diet, I don’t blame any overweight and unhealthy American.”

Agree but I didn’t try carnivore out of desperation (well I am no unhealthy American either…)
Carnivore may sound a fine, hedonistic idea even if one is healthy already but can imagine improvements (there is always room for improvements)… If it’s just trying it for a while… is it THAT hard? Maybe for someone deep in high-carb but for a ketoer it’s not necessarily a huge jump. It depends, for a vegan ketoer (even vegetarian if they are attached to their vegs. I lost interest right before carnivore, thankfully) it surely is :smiley: There are many plant items many people can’t imagine going without but meat lover ketoers still have better chances to handle it well I suppose.
I don’t get why one would need carnivore just because the vast majority of supermarket food is wrong for most of us (probably depends on the supermarket. the tiny local one has a huge percentage of carni food and even the biggest part of the rest is okay for many people. tiny supermarket so it can’t have much more than the essentials and the essentials are simple items. or processed meats, still okay for me, at least some of them). One simply chooses the good stuff. I barely buy a few items compared to all the options, even in the tiny supermarket let alone in a big one and ignore the rest. And there are greengroceries if one handles vegs and maybe fruits well. Butchers. Farmer’s markets.
There are ketoers who are far from carnivores but still thrive on their diets. Low-carbers, even, I liked my low-carb diet, it just turned out my ideal diet is different. But many stays there and all is well. And the ones who thrive on a healthy high-carb diet (healthy for them, I don’t have such a kind, of course) have a pretty wide variety of easily available food items as well. I just don’t understand why people put all the blame on food industry (I am all for blaming food industry but we have options. it could be waaay worse) and act like a modern person has NO choice but eating crappy things. Nope. No one ever forced me to eat things I don’t consider food. I was misled as a kid, yes but thankfully I stopped to think and research at this point. This hardship, the barrier we need to break through (and we don’t even KNOW it is there first! I ate sugary HCHF as a kid as everyone ate sugary HCHF, what else is out there? some weirdos did something extreme but I barely met any of those) is a problem and it would be lovely if it could change - but when one knows what is good for them, they can choose and buy the better stuff. Depending on the actual circumstances and one’s wrong desires and personality, it may be very hard, I know that but we still gave a choice and it’s precious. I really appreciate that. I am even poor and I still can eat pretty well. I don’t always do but that is purely on me. (The culprit isn’t even some stupid supermarket item I buy, it’s something I bake or it grows on trees… )
It seems to me people don’t like to make efforts. Not even NOT buying something bad and that doesn’t even seem so very hard to me… But I suppose it is for many in the beginning. Still, focus on their willpower or self persuasion or something. We need different mind games there. I can’t use willpower when it’s about food, for example but I can use my hedonism and health-consiousness, stubbornness and curiosity.

People need to make their health their first priority (or close. not being a despicable low-life with no moral code is my first but they aren’t in conflict :smiley: ). I don’t see they do and even when they do, many are misled. It’s very sad.
Many people probably do the wrong, very short sighted hedonism too. But I need to go to cook now (eggless(!!!) whole-wheat pasta for my SO, lovely pork for myself) so I stop, finally.


It is an experiment. But if we regard the specific, free range, ocean-harvested (wild caught :joy:) algae as 'sea vegetables, the gut microbiota in the the cow’s rumen will be getting access to a whole lot more readily available minerals to improve the health of the cow. It would be great to test the mineral levels in algae fed beef.