(Michael) #101

Of course I eat the skin. I went crazy and added a pinch of salt :wink:. Tastes great as is, I pressure cooked it for two hours and it fell off the bone onto my plate.

(Karen) #102

Sorry a couple of days off site and whoa 58 posts will try to be more regular then i might be able to read everything!!!

Some of my food over those days away but even forgetting to take the pics … got out of the habit a bit! :roll_eyes:

Exercise wise still push up-ing and shoulder working daily and yesterday did the tea famce at Lichfield which was superb and then went to the local, round the corner, evening dance which wasn’t as hood. We have a cold snap … snow stopped play thursday so our planned tea dance that afternoon was cancelled and last night the temp was due t9 plummet to -5 ehich stopped many people coming out to the evening damce so ot was a bit flat with so few turning up … wasn’t getting so cold till middle of night but some folks obviously didnt want to risk it. Plus i have had to come yo the conclusion that what was once easy to achieve (2 dances in 1 day) is now not so easy and i felt really exhausted when i finaly got home. I am sure had i been up dancing more than sitting last night (they played a number of dances Raymond didnt know) i would have been able to keep the energy levels up but as it was my energy just got zapped! I danced a couple on my own which is fine when there’s more peeps on the floor but i kind of stood out a bit last night hahaha.

So last night i jad a bad night with rls and after first dropping off for about a couple of hours i was then Ping light bulb on and didnt get back to sleep till about 3am so had to cancel CrossFit this morning, just knew i would be too tired.

Ill Health Retirement Pension still not resolved, i have sent a request to Pension Ombudsman to investigate the travisty but some good news … i received my invitation to apply fo the State Pension so got that off straight away and hopefully will start receiving it shortly after my 66th birthday in June. Fingers crossed i don’t get any issues with that!

Off out to get breakfast with Raymond at the cafe.


@Karen18, yea if we step away a day or more the amt of posts to read is mind boggling to get caught up :slight_smile: So get ya on that.

Fab pics tho! You and Raymond have a blast at the cafe today!!

So sorry on your ‘government’ paperwork nightmare…can we all yell ‘red tape’ crazy at the same time LOL Sounds like things are moving a more good for ya tho!!

@Shinita, sounds like you are holding well and doing your plan in good form. More power to ya!! Glad you can ‘easily’ get those 2 rabbits into the freezer :wink:, I know I would stuff them in there any way I could too HA

----------------simple zc day. start day with ribeye steak. next meal family is wanting shrimp and they ‘do theirs’ with carby sides etc but I will make homemade alfredo sauce for my shrimp. done deal on the food for the day.

OMGosh my snow crab legs yesterday were fab. 2.8 lbs. I thought, hmm, but we know ALOT of that weight is the darn shell it self, I even tried ‘munching on them one time’ to ‘SEE’ if I could, but sadly no way HAHA yes us carnivores do try stuff like that :crazy_face::scream_cat:, but the amt of meat off that was great but the melted butter ‘kinda go me’ too much. I started with tons of dripping melty butter but in the end I finished the crab legs plain and no butter. I couldn’t take any more darn butter into my body :partying_face:

I got my fix. I feel very content and satisfied. I had one of those 'smack your lips and raise your hands to the cosmos, I was darn happy in my eating that food!!! Hey that is what zc is all about to me.

ZC Strong All!


i think i didn’t have to exert any control over my eating when i was losing weight because i did it so gradually. or maybe i have naturally low TDEE. but the difference between me maintaining 200 lbs/91 kg and 140 lbs/63 kg was approximately only 500 calories or so. but if i made the gap smaller like 200 lbs -> 195 lbs then it’s only like a 50 calorie difference, which is like a single bite of meat. i’m not sure anyone takes big enough bites where one bite makes or breaks their hunger level. so if i stopped taking the last bite every day, i didn’t feel different but eventually would lose 5 lbs over time. and then continue the chain down to my target weight. but if i wanted to do everything at once, to cut down 500 kcals immediately to achieve my goal faster i think i would find it difficult to do with such a noticeable change in my eating.


I stayed in the city to help a friend. They have joint pain and wanted to know how I regained my mobility after polyarthritis. It hurt to look at them and to speak to them. So, I listened.

They had had a recent blood test and the doctor said that they had high inflammation markers. To me, from what I saw and heard, I would, if asked at the granular detail level, suggest ruling out rheumatoid arthritis. But I listened.

I could hear what I thought were the mistakes. They followed the government dietary advice and became overweight. They indulged in a carb rich lifestyle with decades of alcohol consumption. The second part has reduced. They justified as convincingly as any teenager wanting to go on a sleepover or any addict gripped by cravings. I listened.

Crikey, who would be a functional health practitioner.

Their feet and hands were swollen. They are only 55 years old. They are taking pharmaceutical pain relief, Celebrex.

I did ask if they wanted anything from me.

They wanted to know that there was a way out of the pain. I said there was. They wanted to know how I did it. We talked. Then they said they couldn’t do it. They couldn’t even try it. Injured people may let slip hurtful words. Their pain speaks before them.

What I had done was, I spoke about seeking help. Finding the right support team. Communicating clearly to those around them. Medications might provide some relief. Diet and lifestyle adjustments have great potential. I did not mention fasting. Kept things general. My terminology was about seeking an elimination diet and using movement for pain relief. The moment it all broke was when they persisted and laughed that it all sounded simple. Simple is not easy, I cautioned. I gave more detail on the ZC, beef, salt, water for 1 day, then the next, then so on, for a trial of 21 days.

Despite sitting across the outdoor table from them, I ceased to exist. My words carried impossibilities. I slid sideways out of their reality and back into my fantastical world.

The city is toxic. I have not slept well. The people, even long-term friends, feed on me and drain my energy. I’m going back to Nature today to revive and replenish. I need to gather more armour and defences. Next week return. Battles are rarely decisive.

(Michael) #106

Today’s main plate

Thought I was going to have chicken liver but I grabbed the last of my lungs by accident.

(Robin) #107

Listening. Such a gift. And takes discipline on our part.

I never offer advice unless asked and then I tread carefully. I just start with sugar. Try not to overwhelm. One step at a time. Or, one question at a time.

(Karen) #108

Food eaten includes a lovely bacon and cheese omelette that i ate at the cafe yesterday and forgot to take a pic. Also a fair bit cheese over the two days.

Finished that lamb off cold also finished the chicken which was a half roast cooked chick from Company Shop … had some cold yesterday and fried off the rest in butter today. The lamb was incredible … nicer hot though. I bought it from Morrisons and boy do they sell good tasty meat. Their braising steak is fab and cheap and beautiful slow cooked.

Started a new jigsaw today.

100 push ups and 50 shoulders side and front.

Forgot to mention 2 nice walk n talks beginning of the week, 1 with my daughter in glorious sunshine just under 3 miles round nature reserve and another the very next day in freezing drizzly snow with my neighbour and her doggo and walked nearly 7 miles up and round the tram lines. I miss my walk n talks with people. Meant to be doing another on tuesday and it is forecast rain :roll_eyes:


Coming back to Carnivore after a year or so trying to do Keto (but with lots of cheats). I end up cheating on keto because its my body just can’t handle carbs - they trigger cravings and then I want more.

I just bought three pounds of brisket from my fav local BBQ place - expensive, but it’s yummy and fatty so I hope it will help me ease back in. It should last 4-5 days. I’m also going to roast a pork loin with a salt/pepper/garlic powder/onion powder rub. The latter isn’t strictly carni I know but it is a very small amount that I think I can handle. The key for me always is “does it trigger cravings?”

(Robin) #110

That’s a good looking slab o’ meat!!!


Thanks! And I did not do it justice (food photography is not easy). It’s really great brisket!

(Michael) #112

Same old same old today. I am using up whatever I have to make space for a quarter cow delivery coming up. Here was today’s first plate I ate with cheese as well. Eggs and sardines next which I will eat with my daughter shortly.

1 oz tallow, 1 oz chicken liver, 2 oz snails, 6 oz beef heart and 6.7 oz pork belly with 5 slices Jarlsberg cheese for 1800 calories to start things off. With eggs and cream and sardines I will hit my usual 2800 calories whereby I will lose a bit more weight and back to goal of 132 pounds for this experiment. I will get to treat myself tomorrow perhaps.


@Sophie107, don’t worry, your little bit of seasoning, flavor on your food is carnivore. We just called it relaxed and they key to it all is you do fine on that little bit. Like you said, if it effects you in any way you will know, if not, enjoy your flavor. Beauty brisket. Fatty meat…such a good meal for sure! Wishing you the best…keep on zc truckin’ along. I am just like you, smallest amt of carbs I go ape. I do have food issues I know and I have to be an abstainer definitely and know exactly what little I can push on my seasonings/condiments. Luckily I can do some cheese easily so that helps but in the end, even with being an epic carb addict, ZC is truly a decadent and wonderful menu for me!

@FrankoBear, help a friend. Then they got the deer in the headlights and ya lost them. Nope, no can do. Not even for my health. Always reminds me of my mother in law. Diabetes Dr said over and over, yes you can go out to meet your friends at fast food joints and ‘party with the old group’ but don’t eat the biscuits, or pastries or drink orange juice or eat the breakfast taters they sell. He said eat all sausage, bacon, egg and cheese they got, just leave the other alone. Nope. Can’t do it. Too hard. Well she sprialed down and down for sure and same thing, deaf ears once what was being asked of her to correct her own health was ‘just too hard’…I tell ya Franko. Tough chats to have especially when we are so many strong showing what lifestyle/food change can give us in superior health. But life is individual. What is one willing to try and more? Only that person can answer that one but at least you set some thoughts in their head :slight_smile: Tough word about our life and what we deal: toxic. Feel ya on it.

---------------simple zc day. ate some bacon. had this food and that targeted but it changed. hubby wanted a big ol’ smoked boston butt from the smokehouse store. yum, omg the crispy fat, heaven. then I had a tin of sardines for no reason other than I wanted them. then I ate 2 small thin leftover pork chops I needed to eat or lose. So it was a very porky day and enjoyed it all.

hold strong all. our improvements and better health keep showing us the way!


@daigo1: Oh, any deficit is highly unrealistic to me especially longer term (a few days happened on carnivore). I would be fine with a tiny one but when I eat 500-2000 kcal over my needs, it doesn’t really matter.
But I can always move more while trying to eat as little as possible, I get some muscle too… One day I may lose fat, who knows? :wink: I just try to do everything right, I usually don’t fail at all of them…
I never had an 500 kcal deficit and it’s perfectly fine. I only have problem with my zero fat loss in the last too many years sometimes. But it’s not one of my real problems.

Oh yes we do the same, it’s wonderful but it has so much skin and I can only eat skin or fat with enough meat. And well, Alvaro eats the pure meat only so my share has too much skin. Hence the meatball thing with added meat later. But yep, I wouldn’t throw out pork skin, I mean, I wouldn’t give it to the cats. Alvaro would do it, he can’t consider skin edible. Not even in aspic.

As it’s still aspic season! Alvaro’s Mom made a lot and gave us NINE bowlful (little shallow ones and the jelly itself is low-cal but still!). There are fatty meaty ones for Alvaro and low-meat, high-fat, high-skin ones for me.

I will come later, I strayed, of course. I was sure about it as we visited Alvaro’s Mom and Alvaro had the plans with the beetroot+ruminant meat dish… (And of course, fruits happened. I need some proper carnivore times to resist their siren song.) I was a bit torn regarding today as I really desire to go back to carni but the deer is nice and Alvaro used up the whole 1000g package as he dislikes to make a tiny meal and I agree.
It’s SUPER TENDER. Beef never was nearly this tender (no problem but I usually prefer tender meat. maybe not this tender, it’s ridiculous how soft it became :smiley: ). Wow.
But it’s really just “nice”. Very easy to eat, lovely… But not that blissful high joy that good pork gives me. I blame the stupid beetroot, next time we will make a proper, extremely meat heavy stew, I like that but Alvaro was waiting for the chance to make this dish again… He needs some food he can really enjoy too, it’s too easy for me.
And we used wine (it’s not bad for ruminant meat but very unnecessary if you ask me. I still want proper stew instead). And now we have 5dl dry red wine, the one I like when I fancy it. About 2 times a year. Not now. Oh well, we will drink it somehow, I will do it today, I really want to go back to carnivore now.
Alvaro’s Mom made chicken, by the way so I ate a whole huge chicken leg :slight_smile: And no one wanted the chicken frame from the soup so that was all mine too. I surprisingly tolerate chicken these days. Usually I get bored of it in no time. I stopped eating my lean pork as we had deer and so many other things, we bought so, so much cheese and we had a lot already… There were good cheese sales. Fortunately we never can buy too much (except if it’s about the fridge space, I barely could fit everything into it) as most cheeses have a very very long shelf life and Alvaro loves them. Me too but I don’t always eat a lot of them and if I have a cheese whisp phase, I can use cheaper cheese as it works just as well. Not these lovely ones we have now (Brie, Masdaam, a little Gouda, Emmental. nothing very fancy but we really like these), these are for slices and ground on my scarmbled eggs…

We found only one 600g package of deer on sale but the 1kg Alvaro cooked was cheaper than beef too. The 600g piece is nicely fatty and it will be my wonderful stew one day. Not in the near future as Alvaro makes rabbit stew on the weekend :wink: Yay!

The biggest problem with my off times that my eating window gets bigger. I could avoid it if I really wanted but if I don’t care… And if I eat whatever AND it’s even weekend, I tend to eat whenever as well. Maybe I should work on it one day. When it’s not spring and I feel like spoiling myself - it’s stupid though as eating too much doesn’t even feel so great… I need some meeting with all my important inner selves soon. I have smart ones - and some wild impulsive ones running away with things.

We bought a stationary bike! I just need to put it together.

And I have a workout day and I do so, so well! I get stronger! I am motivated! We have a beautiful spring and I planted and sowed flowers and some vegs! My garden isn’t really for vegs for various reasons (and who would want to work for almost no rewards) but there are a few that have chances AND are worth it. All are for eating raw, that is what most important for Alvaro, he needs those every day. It’s nice when we have some own, I go for colorful ones.

I have pansies again and daffodil seasons started, the first ones bloomed just before we went to the city so Alvaro’s Mom got a few :slight_smile: I am glad she can enjoy them too.

The yellow and white crocuses mostly wilted but it’s time time of the big, nicest ones.

And I realized liver is even more nutritious than I thought… :frowning:
What are the ones I need to be really wary of? I know Vitamin A but what else? I doubt I could overdo the other fat soluble ones easily… Iron popped up in a thread lately… And I know I eat very much biotin, can be that a problem…?

I don’t like thinking about these things, too complicated and not natural for me to research and wonder while not having the right infos but sometimes something makes me wonder and I do look up a few things. I usually stop and just don’t bother, my mental health easily gets disturbed, I just want to eat right and chill! As much as I can while doing my best to minimalize my liver intake :sob:
Well, kind of comfortably but still.
I should have used to my need to minimalize so many things, my food intake, my protein intake, my fat intake especially my added fat intake and much more but it always will be a bit sore thing unless I manage to do OMAD. I imagine I can eat whatever and as much as I want on OMAD and all is fine. I have experiences to support this. But of course I feel OMAD restrictive too. It’s so problematic to be me… But I always have ideas. I never will run out of them, I run out of life before…

(Karen) #115

@Shinita pretty flowers popping up x

Food today

Plus 2 pork chops done in slow cooker, 1 thin 1 thick, the thin one was the nicest plus the last of the cheese.

Dont know why but feeling in a hungry mood last few days but its nice to know i can just dig in and eat how ever much i want. Such a change from the old days when i would start on crap and just keep filling my face and end up feeling stuffed! Never feel stuffed eating this way.

Quiet day doing my jigsaw and still reading my books … all 6 of them at the moment. Reading daily and getting so much from it. 100 push ups completed plus the shoulder workout and some stair running.

Walk not happening tomorrow as my friend has to wait in for the boiler man.

(Michael) #116

Low calorie first plate today, but I’ll eat more with daughter shortly. Spleen, heart, liver, snails and 3 oz tallow


I feel the need to eat snails :snail:


I saw it happening in slow motion.

Let me record it for reflection.

It all ends in heartbreak. First was snack justifying. To help me think. Something to go with the coffee that I find I now need, rather than enjoy. Need, as in to maintain functioning at an increased level in a timeline with no rest stops. Carnivore snacks to get me away from the distractions of the return of cravings. Cravings return with the increased expending of mental energy doing work for others. Getting tasks done that are not of my own volition or interest. I like to help within my capacities. But I don’t like solving other people’s challenges when it is their job to do so. Managers call giving work to other people ‘management’. I guess I call it teaching.

Last night my racing heart woke me at 2am. It was so fast and dysrhythmic that it was amazing. Maybe I should have been scared. I was very lightheaded. Initially couldn’t sit up to get out of bed. Eventually able to go pee and to take some magnesium and aspirin. Twilight cognition, was I dreaming. Sleep claimed me.

5am woke. Heard the kettle in the kitchen. Heart still racing. Drats! Not dreaming. Mrs. Bear made salty bone broth, more magnesium. I said no to hospital trip and that I’d sort it out at home. One day that decision will kill me. Then I slept like the dead until 9am. Heart pain, it had been sprinting for 6 hours or more, but now slower chaos in the rhythm, still some runs of palpitations. More magnesium, and some multivitamin.

Sit with Billie (the Labrador) on the porch. Warm salty beef bone broth to sip. Pat dog, watch trees in light breeze, listen to tinnitus and birds.

Midday. Heart flipped back to 60bpm. I am exhausted. I can get a doctor’s appointment next Monday, about a week’s wait in the country town. I got told off by the reception nurse. She was concerned about waiting a week but couldn’t fit me in. I said don’t worry, probably aware that it might make the situation worse. So many new arrivals in the rural area, people running away from their fears to find they brought them within them, the services and people who provide them are overloaded. I could go and sit for hours in the Emergency waiting area at the one regional hospital. I’m too tired to drive to either place.

Now, is rest time. Time for rebuilding. Feed my self some bacon and eggs. I can make that. If I sleep some more the injury can heal. I’m aiming at some sunshine and fresh air. But in a chair. A wander through some calm thoughts.

I felt tired last week. Coffee doses snuck into the afternoon. Sleep became disrupted. After a dinner with parents-in-law on Friday that was cold roast beef and leafy green salad with olive oil, I needed a coffee to get me to my city ‘home’, a 20 minute drive. I was in bed asleep by 10pm. But woke between 2 and 3 am and didn’t get any more sleep. Unusual for me. It messed up the weekend. Poor food choices accumulation off plan. My eyes were sticky with gritty mucus, I noted calculus on my teeth, ears blocked up with excess wax, increased drinking and nocturia, and tingling joint pain. These symptoms coalesce in my thinking as ‘oxalate dumping’. I knew I was probably flushing electrolytes.

Sure enough, after the build up came the thunderstorm. In my chest.

I am such a slow learner. Back on plan. Stay on plan. I feel good and strong on plan. I can type this much. Things are improving.


Maybe we have a different definition but I had the opposite. I was very nearly a bottomless pit on high-carb while I may get stuffed with way less on carnivore. Not in my hungry times…
It changed though, now I moderately quickly reach a weird state on carbs where I still can eat a ton more but my body is already complaining about being weirdly full. Okay, not a big surprise, it dislikes carbs so it quickly starts to resist :smiley: I hypothesized that carbs satiate me now (not as well as proper food but they don’t make me hungry and even satiate me to some extent) but maybe it’s not (only) that but the phenomenon where my body tells me “I am rather not hungry. just stop”. If I dislike something, sometimes I don’t only lose my appetite but even my hunger. While I need food but my body does its best not to urge me to eat when there is no proper option. Useful. When I was starving, I never was really, very uncomfortably hungry either. Why to get hungry if I can’t eat anyway? Smart and hedonistic. It doesn’t work with fasting as I have access to food now but back then I truly had no food or money to buy it for a little while.

Oh, jigsaw! I really grab a box now! Last time Alvaro said I have a puzzle but the stationary bike was easy to assemble :smiley: And it’s working nicely :slight_smile: And it’s a bit hard, IDK why, cycling isn’t hard (when it’s not very much uphill or uncooperative wind or legs after my lame but still tiring little leg day)…

(Michael) #120

I am amazed at your calm approach towards your racing heart. I have recently started have heart palpitations as well, since I changed my diet to more fat and less protein. In response I have slightly raised my protein intake to ingest sufficient minerals and stopped the metformin I had started. It seems that one or both of those are helping. My thoughts in particular is the minerals. Trying to get snails, sardines back into my regular meals and I have noticed less issues. My mother, who suffered greatly until her surgery claims too much fat was an issue. I am eating a higher percentage of fat, but not more, which leads me back to minerals obtained through sufficient protein intake as well. Hard to tell for sure. I hope you are able to resolve your heart issues, yours have gone on long enough.