Meat price shock


and all the other crap in the store LOL

I still buy for hubby who is non anything on a menu and I buy for kiddo who is mostly low carb type eater and me, carnivore.

But my chicken prices which were holding lower took A BIG JUMP up now.

shocked me actually cause while my beef and pork and seafood is on the rise monster type, my chicken was holding lower but it just got hit.

A lobster, normally around 10 is now 21.99

Chicken legs which hubby loves was 1.29 then into 1.69 and today I paid $2.69 for chicken legs. WOW

OK WE ARE all seeing it and feeling it but darn LOL

just a vent on it all…ugh…just had to scream it out a bit and will bob and weave and adapt :wink:

(Marianne) #2

I hear you because it’s getting expensive, especially eating just meat. Luckily, pork is our favorite and that is still reasonable. I don’t purchase beef often, however, and only go for the cheaper cuts (London broil, chuck, round steak, etc.).

I’ve noticed that, too. I rarely make chicken because to me, it’s messy to bake and clean up. If I am craving chicken, I get a rotisserie one from BJs. Along with the shortage or whatever is going on now, chicken legs and thighs seem to have caught on with the public these past few years and I think are purchased more now than ever before. I’ve always felt that whenever something becomes popular, the price goes up. They used to be so cheap!


so agree

but that ‘good priced already cooked rotiss. chicken is now X price’ might easily double up on ya, so be ready LOL

a $6 cooked for me rotiss chick could become $12 easily overnight and then we get another sticker shock we don’t want HA


(Bob M) #4

How do you make it? We’ve been cutting out the backbone and making them flat, spreading butter on the outside, then some type of spice mixture. Put them on a sheet pan covered in foil. Put a rack on the sheet pan, the chicken on the rack. Make 2 chickens at a time.

When they’re done, put the rack in the dishwasher, take the aluminum foil off the pan. That’s it.

(Marianne) #5

That would be such a bummer. Right now a three pound chicken is $4.99 at BJs. They are so succulent.


oh my 4.99 that was standard is now 6.99 in my stores so yea, I believe you are next in line but a 2 up hit isn’t bad but what gets me is the prepared for us in deli section etc. is gonna take a massive jump sooner than later.

I am very rural as I think you are so us ‘boonie types’ seem to get hit slower than jacked up city increases I think.

but all we can do is wait and see :slight_smile:

(Polly) #7

In the UK they are seriously proposing to tax meat in order to encourage us to eat less of it and more plant based.

I am beyond furious.


yes I posted that info on other threads here and what is worse it ain’t just your UK, it will ‘spread’ but I see the USA as being one of the holdouts for sure, heck I hope LOL

It is getting wild and wooly out there with ‘environmental and animal vs. plants and environment’ and truly a crazy path forward is going to be forced on us.

to all the detriment? ugh

if this is OH SO wrong then maybe some intervention on your choice in life should be heard…I know hard thing to do but? darn if we want a ‘way of traditional life’ to continue thru small farms and more to ‘make it’ then someone has to chat just that :slight_smile:

oh edited to say I am out there voicing my opinon on it all too…I mean we must stand for nutrition and real way forward vs. 0 nutriton thru the same ‘farming’ and what the nutritional value is on ‘nutrition per acre’ and more :wink:

(Robin) #9

I’ve also noticed that the on sale meat is being taken much quicker. In some ways, I feel bad taking that sell-by-date meat. I would guess there are a lot of poorer families who “need” it more than I do. But I also remember in my own poorer days, I could keep a family fed on beans and rice etc. All the cheap carbs food. I am fortunate in that I really don’t get excited by my food these days. So I can buy 4 big cuts of fatty brisket on sale and eat just that for days. And days.

(Fran adkins) #10

Do you have meijers where you live? Idk is the flashfood app covers any other stores but I wait get all my meat thru flashfood before the best buy date for 50% off or more. Good luck.

(Eric) #11

I guess I should pay attention to pricing and see the impact in my area. Sadly, paying attention to the price is something I am terrible at and my wife gives me a hard time about it regularly. She will ask, “how much was that?” my usual response is “no idea” lol. I usually buy 100% grass-fed beef, pasture chicken, heritage bacon etc. So the prices are already high so not sure I have seen much change in the last month or so but I assume I should be prepared for sticker shock in the near future.

(Marianne) #12

Nope; we are well ensconced in glorious suburbia! :laughing:

(Marianne) #13

Wow; that is very concerning. I was watching Chopped the other day and this guy predicted that goat would soon be the majority of meat farmed and consumed. I guess they are cheap to feed and mature quickly and leave less of a carbon footprint (?).


The prices here is normal, high inflation is a thing in this country, we are pretty much used to it. There is no extreme one here. Your prices did some CRAZY jump!!!

Wow indeed. I know it’s a different continent and everything but I looked it up, I saw no great sales now, chicken thighs has their old normal price even on sale, about $0.87 per pound (I had to convert not only from HUF to USD but from kg to pound too). Very expensive for tasteless chicken for me and I can buy it way cheaper if I accept bony parts :smiley: But chicken is dirt cheap here, yep, it was half this much several months ago on a very good sale. Very rarely I can get turkey very cheep, turkey is generally very cheap, it’s odd, it’s not as common as chicken. Oh well, I am glad as I like turkey way more than chicken.
Duck is 3 times more expensive than chicken, goose is 6 times, all are for thighs. Oh my, I could buy beef with that money… Of course only legs, steak meat is insanely expensive and I have about $3 a day for food. It’s very easy with pork and good, more expensive than normal eggs, fortunately. Unless I go crazy and add all the expensive carbs… They just make me hungry so it’s pure money waste even if they are free, growing in my garden as I must eat more meat then. This eating cheap carbs never worked for me, I needed even more fat and protein then… By the way, somewhat poor people do shopping so unwell, usually… They don’t just buy cheap plants with as much nutrients as they can, they buy all kinds of low nutrition overpriced stuff too often. And booze. Really poor and/or smart ones are probably better at it…? I don’t know. I am not that poor, I just need to spend money somewhat smartly. So many people spend way less money on food I am sure.


I raised Boer Goats on my farm for sale/profit.
I guess cheaper to feed thru size but in the end feed costs are feed costs really but also meat per lb. on your price to feed/farm/raise etc. would put them against each other ya know. Little goat or big cow. Big cow feeds more in one harvest then smaller. 1 cost for more meat from 1 then how many goats to process to equal that amt of meat from one cow?

Produce and fruit too. Wow on the cost of a cantaloupe. My kid likes them and not that long ago I could get one for a buck…now they are like $3 something each. Cheap break used to be out there also in the form of some generics but darn, even the generics have doubled in their prices. yikes (yea I shop for carby folks in this house still LOL)

I think sticker shock is hitting alot of things now too. My darn gas keeps going up around here too along with the darn increases I just got hit with on my cable bill, my Terminix bug guy just upped their price and more. Here we go…everyone hang on for the ride :slight_smile:

No Mejiers store near me. I only have a few around and they are all the same but the ‘good stores’ are a good bit of a drive not worth me going cause heck the Whole Foods and Publix stores are super high in price, I don’t wanna pay more for groceries cause they built a new store HA