Meat in a human diet (in 15 minutes)


What we can learn from Brian’s experience is that giving a presentation is tough.

The risk of falling prey to faulty generalisations is high in such a condensed overview presentation. One word wrong becomes a slippery banana peel, and ideological opponents will jump in and attempt to claim a Baconian fallacy.

(Scott) #2

I really enjoyed that. I also agree that one wrong word that falls into the cherry picker is all that gets amplified. There are members of the media that are pulling levers to suit their agendas in diet and other areas. I don’t know what conference this was but is sounds like he had a very though presentation to sell.

('Jackie P') #3

Thank you, I really, really enjoyed this. All the arguments in one place, short, succinct and easy to understand by even the most poorly educated vegan!

(charlie3) #4

95% of my daily calories come from beef, salmon, eggs, heavy cream, and 2 tbls of olive oil. I ignore saturated fat and LDL. The other 5% comes from a huge non startchy vegetable salad. Tried carnivore for 60 days, lost control of appetite.

(eddiebearden) #5

thank u so much, i’m enjoying so much:grinning::slightly_smiling_face:


Well put! That’s getting sent to a handful of people and a veggie I know :grinning: