Meat grinder?

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I borrowed a meat grinder to see if I want to do the grinding myself. I buy 10 pounds of ground chuck a week. It’s the consistancy of wet clay. The borrowed grinder creates a different end product I think I like better than the butcher’s work but the home machine is deadly slow, not counting the time to cut the meat into small peices. My guess is I’m working with a $100 machine. Does anyone here have more experience with grinding meat than me? What do I need to buy to get this weekly job done may be twice as fast?


FWIW, I have a Cabela’s meat grinder…Deluxe Model. It runs around 130-150. I love it. Mostly, I use it for grinding venison, but it works fine for beef. With this model, you get a couple of different grind plates, so you can pick...large or small. There might be a 3rd one, but I don't recall right now. Its very easy to run, and a whiz to clean. I've not experienced any kind of weird texture or grind, like that which you speak of. It's just a really solid, well designed grinder. Well worth the .

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It should have occured to me I could watch meat grinders in use on youtube so I watching. Cabella makes many models. If I get a grinder it will probably be one of those. Thanks for the brand name tip.

P.S. Looks to me like the Cabella grinders are the way to go. I have a store near me so I can see before buying. I’ll watch a few more demo videos but I’m sure I won’t need more than a half horse machine.

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Nothing like the antique ones, the meat grinders they make now days break! I can run an entire critter nose to tail (glandulars and organ meats) through this one…lol:

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Thanks, I’ll continue to research. There’s no time pressure and my consumption of ground chuck is going to slow down a bit because a month of ZC taught me I’m not quite ready for full on carnivore. Everything is fine EXCEPT my diet discipline went out the window, I was desperately hungry all the time, putting on fat way to fast. The big dinner salad makes a comeback untill I’ve got a satiety solution.

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I use a kitchen aid mixer with a grinder accessory. For burgers we double grind with the small holes. For just cooked ground beef for Mexican salad etc we single grind large holes. We use Chuck roast. We love our own ground beef.

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The ground chuck I’m eating tastes unbelievably good. If I prepared too much I’d sit there and keep eating until I fell off the chair but if I’m full of salad that doesn’t happen.

What the borrowed grinder and YT videos taught me is I need a machine with some power. 10-15 pounds of meat takes some time with a small grinder, especially if I’m going to double grind.

Do you know of a web page that goes into the fine points of perfecting burger meat? There must be more for me to learn.

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I don’t. I watch youtube videos and then decide if the presenger is making common sense and using good food prep techniques. Like using gloves. We experiment here. And yes I can eat a lot of ground chuck.

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Grinding is much more efficient the colder your meat is, even to the point of partially frozen. After you cut up your meat, stick it in the freezer a while before grinding. While Chuck is good, you should consider buying and adding fat to make it around one third of total weight.

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I want to burn my own body fat. That is why I don’t add fat. I do buy chuck with the most fat. We are not at maintenance weight yet. Hence burn baby burn.