“Meat Eaters” = Anti-keto propaganda

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Came across this:


I love the use of the term: “Meat Eaters” Painting with broad brush. According to this website people that eat McDonalds everyday are put in the same category as zero-carb carnivores.

I’m always distracted & disturbed (and mildly entertained) when catch a whiff of blunt propaganda. “Meat Eaters” the quintessential term forged by wannabe scientists.




It’s so stupid. I didn’t know anyone looked at ketoers from that special wrong angle… Wow.
And why they consider ketoers the same?
Oh well, I don’t waste time on such things, it would lead nowhere.

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That’s why I put it in the humor section.

If ketosis isn’t part of a person’s understanding of physiology, then said person can’t be taken seriously. Including doctors.

“Meat eaters” being portrayed as carnivore is like referring to a golf cart as an EV.

Edit: The whole website is bunk, the web address literally being nutrition facts is laughable all by itself.

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Dear old Michael Greger…

Skeletor knocks it out of the park with stupidity once more…

“so carbohydrate-deficient it could effectively mimic the fasting state”

You just have to laugh…

" The information on this page has been compiled from Dr. Greger’s research"

The biggest laugh of all!

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That’s actually true, despite being worded negatively. Bikman has more than once commented on how the state of ketosis mimics that of fasting, but with food, instead of without it.

As an aside, I believe it was Phinney who once remarked that some critic of the ketogenic diet was complaining about the “anoriexia of ketosis” (lack of appetite), and he said something along the lines of, “they tell us to eat less, and then they complain about a diet that lets us do so without hunger?”

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This makes perfect sense to me. When we’re in homeostasis, weight stable, and things are running ‘smoothly,’ we have periods where we’re taking in more than we’re using at the moment, like during a big meal, and periods where we’re using more than we’re taking in, like during sleep, hard work, etc.

The body is switching between storing stuff and taking stuff out of storage, and it works well unless things mess it up. High insulin, usually due to high carbohydrate intake, messes it up - it locks the body out from easily accessing storage, and increases hunger, since the cells aren’t getting fed the same way as in a lower insulin state.

I think that for almost all of us, it really doesn’t take too much of a net change to smooth things out. It’s not like we gained kilograms per week, and it’s not like we have to lose that much, either. I had a “fast” and substantial weight gain over a lot of years, but it only averaged 0.04 kg or 0.09 lbs per week.

So, a little more being taken out of storage, and/or a little less on the intake side, and maybe we’re good.

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Phinneys going to be ahead of the curve for next few hundred years. My tellahealth doctor PDF for epilepsy & gastritis actually resembled something Phinney would recommend.

The eating less conundrum of keto has social ramifications that deserve its own thread.


Not a surpise from a “Plant based” advocate. Also no surpise from a quick search on YT that he doesn’t have a shred of muscle on him… guess we’re not Gorilla’s after all…

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I believe it was Michael Greger’s site that I encountered early on, and found a video in which, about three minutes into the lecture, he claimed that it was eating beef that caused his father’s diabetes. That was it for me! Sheesh! :scream:


crazy LOL

I found this one real fast from that article: Without carbohydrates, the preferred fuel, our bodies start burning more of our own protein.

TO ME THE BODY was ketogenic before gluclose could ‘ever become’ the standard as preferred. Meat protein/fat is key to life in the body. Not one bit of glucose/carb foods are required for survival ever…so right there, they got it wrong. Minute ‘agriculture’ came into play with plants to feel the masses cheap and keep them down in health…glucose became then the preferred body fuel. Nope, but it changed to glucose being preferred cause it is controlled by humans to do just that. again a big Heck No on this one, haha

now this is my opinion literally but thru evolution, yea we all can see it LOL