Meat Chewin' Carnivore JUNE!


here we go guys…our new monthly thread.
tell us how you are doing, what goals or changes you wanna try or just chill thru zc and let the great just flow over ya!!

today is taylor ham and bacon first meal
tonight is big steak and shrimp later


Doing 1/2 lb. cheeseburger patty for breakfast, another for lunch.
Shrimp for dinner.

Just starting carnivore after a month long transition. Was going to do strict keto for awhile, but now I feel like I just want to jump in.

My goal is to just kick myself into fat burning mode, because I haven’t lost a pound on transition, but did have a few days of detoxing and am feeling much better.

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@Fangs I’m a tad bit confused , (doesn’t take much lol) but what June carnivore thread started by @FrankoBear have I been posting in ??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:



I saw that thread but never thought it was OUR CHAT thread cause I saw words like anti-addiction and allergie and repair kit…I thought it was some chat about something else LOL



I wondered about the other chat but that didn’t seem like ours :slight_smile: It hadn’t the usual style of name and it seemed a bit more specific…?

Hi guys, I originally thought I say I am off eating fruits as it’s June and I surely will do that at some point but it’s my 4th proper carni day now and it works so, so, so well (well I don’t eat little or do OMAD but it’s simple, easy, enjoyable, no problem, really)… It’s very easy since I lost the ability to get bored of meat and I am not in a hurry to mess with that!

Today was SUPER simple! I ate roasted pork chuck (yay!), it felt a tad fatty after the leaner cut I ate lately but I quickly realized there is a reason I prefer chuck :smiley:
It had bone in it so the amount is guesstimated but good enough… I ate more than a pound and wondered about more but in the end I just had a sponge cake with much sour cream and half a sausage. I had scrambled eggs before my pork as well and coffees with egg and cream… As time passes and I had to open a cream bag… Yum. I try not to overdo it.
I probably ate a bit below my energy need. If I will start to lose fat, I will finally figure out (vaguely) if my normal energy need changed in the last several years… Not like it’s a stable thing but stable enough in my case I suppose.

Goals? I don’t really have them now, I secretly hope I can do several cute carni days and only a few will be significantly carbier but still not particularly so.
But now that I will have off days anyway, maybe I will make my experiment with a higher total and quite low net carbs. So… A few net carbs per day from non-animal sources. My hypothesis is that is works for me. I am not in a hurry to test it as it’s mere curiosity, it’s not like I consider it good to eat not proper food items galore… But it still will be nice to see. Oh and the practical use, well that’s a moot point too. I used sweetened food when I was bored from my normal food but now I never ever get bored of it. And when I eat a pound of meat, some eggs and some dairy, I feel absolutely no desire for sweet things either. So I have no reason to add sweeteners (and if there isn’t a real need, I prefer to avoid them, not for the carni badge I won’t get anyway. not food. not normal. may cause tiny problems… fine and dandy for Alvaro all the time, not for me). And fibers… They do something to the texture of my sponge cakes but I ADORE my 100% egg sponge cakes so… It’s possible I won’t make that experiment or it will be, like, one day… (I plan to make cheese cake as it’s nice and almost carnivore. I surely can make it full carnivore but I am fine without trying to eat unsweetened desserts on carnivore, I rather eat eggs and meat and pure sour cream.)

So I have some vague plans but it goes so, so, so well now and I have a decent amount of pork chuck roast and 11 sponge cakes… So I continue carnivore(-ish) for now. Almost completely carnivore now, actually. But it’s easy now…

I didn’t notice it but I still think this is our thread… Oh well we will see what the crowd does.


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