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Has anyone had good results from using the keto shakes as a meal replacement? I have been skeptical to try.


I’m not a fan of commercially prepared shakes: The protein is usually inadequate (too low) and they are far too sweet for my tastes. However, I use whey protein powder to make shakes at home, usually with some berries or pumpkin, and sweetened with just a couple of drops of liquid Splenda. (Lots of people on this forum think whey protein powder is the devil, but whatever). They can be a reasonable breakfast for people on the go.

I do notice that even made with plenty of heavy cream that they aren’t as satiating as a proper meal with the same amount of protein, fat and carbs. This may be a volume of food issue.

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If I can’t put my teeth into it, I don’t consider it a meal. I’m sure a ribeye or bacon can be reduced to powder but we’ve teeth and an effective digestive system that was designed to process real food.

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I am wondering why anyone would want to waste their calories, etc on a protein shake when it is way more fun, enjoyable, and delicious to eat real food that is part of the Keto lifestyle?

I want to enjoy my food when I am eating, not drink it in a man-made factory produced powder =).

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Somewhere around attempt #19 I went on a protein shake meal plan based loosely on the wildly successful and profitable Slimfast shake system. Only in my case it was an Atkins shake for lunch, an Atkins shake mid-afternoon, and a dinner which was composed of pretty much 95% meat and 5% green veggies. I lost a crazy amount of weight in a short period of time, like 65lbs in 60 days. I had a very busy life and those shakes provided the convenience and portability I needed to have. Unfortunately they were (and are) chemical cocktails and there was no possible way to sustain that system for the long haul. I modified my behavior and behavior modification is always short term. So the second I stopped drinking them I stopped losing weight and found myself deep into old deliciously deep fried habits. I found that lost 65lbs very quickly.

Now I just don’t eat lunch or any kind afternoon meal/snack which is considerably more convenient and doesn’t require refrigeration. Plus it is a lot less expensive and none of my money goes to a corporation which has corrupted the ideals of it’s founder. I trust “keto” products as much as I would trust a local meth-head with my debit card and a credit card skimmer.


I don’t eat anything I don’t enjoy. I make shakes at home and find them quite delicious, thank you very much.

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The ones you make are probably not processed stuff that a lot of “Keto” marketers are trying to sell though, there would be a big difference…


As a vegetarian ketoer my food choices are limited. I’m concerned about adequate protein and also getting proper nutrients. I use a high-quality protein powder (not hyped as a keto product, btw), which I dilute with water and HWC. One scoop of the powder is only 100 calories, I forget what the HWC adds to it. It’s convenient, tastes good, and I can drink it along with an actual meal.

Maybe it’s not for everybody, but it works for me.

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Okay, makes sense. I was thinking of people buying and using the Hyped up Protein shakes and using them as meals, and not eating food… not as a supplement.

I know lots of people that were hooked on all these Shaklee shakes years ago, and were having them for most meals, and totally relying on them,… they lost weight fast and gained it all back.

I was trying to discourage using them if they were replacing them with food was all.


Yeah, I would be totally suspicious of anything promoted as a keto product, as so many are jumping on the keto marketing bandwagon these days. And I agree, Whole Foods (stupid auto correct insists on capitalizing this) are better than substitutes. But I think they’re ok if used sparingly and responsibly.

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I think whatever you do, it needs to be for lifestyle changes that are sustainable, IMHO. I believe making ‘real food’ choices when possible is the best plan for long-term success. Learn what food helps, learn shopping, learn your own hunger and satiety signals and I believe that will help you understand how you can make this work for your life.
Good luck!!


Protein shakes for very low carb diets have been around a long time. They’re not a recent invention since the “keto” hype. (Personally, I think the name “keto” for this diet is hype itself…) They are too sweet for my tastebuds, but some people like them, so who am I to judge? @Beefcake has just waxed poetic on the wonders of American cheese, which I also think is gross, but if he likes it then why not? As long as someone is keeping carbs low, getting sufficient protein, and meeting your goals, then their approach works.


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