Meal Frequency and Times


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Yeah, you can get the right answer by the wrong methods, or no discernible methods at all.

Thus, show your workings :slight_smile:

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For take along foods (late to work, grab it as you go out the door) there are some good keto muffin recipes out there – I make a pecan spice one that’s loosely based on Melissa Sevigny (ibreatheimhungry). Bonus: if you’re cooking for one, you can freeze them.

Since usually a breakfast or work break where people need a convenience type food, fat bombs might also be good, or even just bacon or jerky if you’re all into the meatsnacks.

Do people have other suggestions? I was thinking maybe those little egg-breakfast things you bake in a muffin pan… Does anyone know if they’re good/ok/awful when nuked, though?

Just getting it out there since it was mentioned by multiple people-- I know I have put a lot of time into cooking, and it’s rough when life gets busy.


I put together a muffin tin with egg, cheese, scallion tops, and whatever meat item (bacon, sausage, even leftover something). usually pepper or some other seasoning as well.
so less of a “muffin” and more of a “breakfast lump” - i find they freeze/nuke well and are really handy for a quick option.