Me, when I have just 6 months to live…

(Robin) #1



Yabbut, oreos in whiskey? :dizzy_face: I can think of better than that…

(Robin) #3

Oh, me too! Oreos? Yes.
Whiskey, oh heck yeah!
But together? Doubtful.

But if I’m back on the booze, anything is possible.
I made worse choices.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #4

I’ve been there. But I agree, they shouldn’t be in the same glass. Oreo’s and Whisky are 2 separate meals. A version of 2MAD :joy:


I’d be on a plane to France to stuff myself with chocolate croissants, since I wouldn’t need to type anymore.

I used to enjoy oreos with orange juice, even with a shot of vodka added, but whiskey, no thanks.


Yeah but it’s 2 dessert courses of a single meal for me. Well, maybe not the Oreo. I don’t understand the hype, it looks good but not particularly good. I am more like the caramel Timtam kind of person (no matter which kind, I tried 4 different caramel Timtams I think, all were good. too sugary though).

I do like Oreo Milka. Or any okay chocolate with biscuits in it. I should make my own. Sugar just ruin them.

But I would eat pork first. And banana with mango and ananas and whipped cream last :smiley: Or something along those lines.
And then pork again but this time sausage, not roasted/fried stuff. Maybe smoked ribs from the pig farm, that’s hard to beat.

(Edith) #7

It really bugs me when I see people throw cigarette butts out their car windows when stopped at traffic lights. If I ever get diagnosed with a terminal illness, I’m going to get out my car, pick up the butt, and flick it into the back seat of their car and say, “You dropped this.”


Give me a fatty gammon joint anyday (or some ribs :thinking:), over an oreo whiskey combo.

Gammon, some quality cheese to taste with a similar quality dry red, more than likely Malbec.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #9

You’d enjoy Elephant & Castle (where I live) … they throw a weeks worth of McD’s wrappers out the window.


But everyday, you get to look out your window to see the castle and the elephants!

Lucky git. :wink:

(Jennifer M Worth) #11


(Bacon enough and time) #12

Elephant and Castle is my absolute favourite place-name in London. Barbican is a distant second.

They say that Elephant and Castle is named after a pub called the Infanta of Castile, but I like Elephant and Castle a whole lot better. As coop says, you can’t beat the image of a castle with elephants playing in the moat. It has always tickled my fancy. You can keep your Spanish princess; I like my elephants! :elephant::european_castle::elephant:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #13

That’s where I live :grin: and there are pubs near by called the White Bear, the Giraffe, The Lion …. Several animal pubs that were near the site of a Zoo.
The E&C shopping centre is said to be UK’s first shopping mall.
It’s just been pulled down sadly. Another Online shopping victim.