Me and my luck landed me in hospital

(Robin) #21

Oh yes…. The sweet siren song of the sinister scales!
Run away, run away! You can do it….

(Kirk Wolak) #22

I actually frown at this! Nothing against women…
[ignoring the 20 jokes that came flying to mind about restraining orders, LOL]

The reason is that they are least likely to stay with the profession. It’s unfortunate, but I can see the AMA pushing this, knowing this fact, because it ultimately raises the doctors fees as there will be fewer doctors. The number I read was like 40% of Female doctors and lawyers stay less than 10yrs. Vets last longer, but even then… I can immediately pick a Female vet and Female Doctor, both got out of the professions after having children. (One adopted their children).

Just as a statistics thing… It’s NOT like they added more seats. We will graduate the same number of doctors (Too Few… By Design), and then we will lose 10-20% of the total!

I hope it changes…
FWIW, I have just signed up to be a patient of a Wonderful lady with a specialty I need…