McDonald's slims down Happy Meal by banishing cheeseburgers


(Carolus Holman) #1

Will they ever learn?

(Mark) #2

I just had 6 happy meals but I’m still depressed ,now I know why

(Troy) #3

Can I please substitute w a McRib Sandwich instead?:thinking:

Awe…the good ole days. Yummy ( YMMV )

(matt ) #4

You can still ask for the cheeseburger (cool with no bun) or the chocolate milk (blech) and they will provide it in the happy meal. The items will just not be standard offerings.

(Bunny) #5

The amount of sugar (bleached processed refined) should be the main and only concern (for now)! Eating dead bread? (refined bleached wheat flour rich in pesticides and weed killers; will have to fight tooth & nail on that one!)

(Ethan) #6

Is the cheese actually cheese? Or is it American processed cheese food? Removing the chocolate milk is wise.

Also, somebody needs to teach the author of the article the difference between, “less,” and, “fewer,” as well as when to use each.

(Banting & Yudkin & Atkins & Eadeses & Cordain & Taubes & Volek & Naiman & Bikman ) #7

They are also making water the default option for drink and lowering the sugar in chocolate milk.

McD’s is working on being better. Lowering the sugar options for their most vulnerable customers is a huge improvement on a business that will never meet the standards of many keto advocates.

(matt ) #8


Ingredients: Milk, Cream, Water, Sodium Citrate, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Color Added, Sorbic Acid (Preservative), Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Acetic Acid, Enzymes, Soy Lecithin.
Contains: MILK, SOY.

(Dameon Welch-Abernathy) #10

Oh look, a native ad for McDonalds. :roll_eyes:
It’s not real food, best not to eat.
If it’s a choice between McDonalds and nothing, I’m taking nothing.

(matt ) #11

McDonald’s beef is 100% beef with no filler. You can get real eggs too if you ask for shell eggs. It’s never my first choice but it’s still real food. Not everything on the menu but you can find something to eat in a pinch.

If you don’t like it you don’t like it. But it’s still real food.



Holy crap on a cracker, Cheez Whiz just got owned!


Just imagine how well it preserves it in our bodies :laughing: as you can see from that bionic burger youtube video, McDonald’s burgers are anything other then 100-% beef. I would rather starve then put that in my body. Soy is also an estrogen mimicker in men also…along with a lot of other chemicals put in our food and water…
:dizzy_face:just saying… not to mention the fact that many things contain high fructose corn syrup which is all GMO

(hold on while I get my tin foil hat …:rofl::joy::laughing:)

(Alec) #15

We call this “a cheese-like substance”. It is not cheese. :joy::joy::joy:

Agreed. Never the target meal, but as a last resort I have eaten a burger in a lettuce bun. It was not great, but it had beef and bacon, and tasted ok.

(Bunny) #16

What’s really in a McDonald’s Happy Meal!


“…McDonald’s happy meal we’re the happy meal guys!..”

They later became roommates after a boating accident?


(Alec) #17

The funniest thing I saw in this article was this:

Panera CEO challenges McDonald’s counterpart to eat Happy Meals for a week

The Panera here is Panera Bread, who is calling out McDs that their meals are devoid of nutrition. Pot, Kettle, Black. RAOTFL :joy::joy::joy:


Lol that is pretty funny considering Panera bread has similar nutrition 65 grams of fat in their turkey sandwich…nah thanks I’d rather have a Big Mac. If I’m gonna do some bodily damage it’s got to be worth it.!

(Andi loves space, bacon and fasting. ) #19

Why on earth does there need to be 2.5 tsp (nearly a whole tablespoon!!) of sugar in a Panera sandwich?!? Why do people/restaurants think that sugar needs to be in everything?

(Alec) #20

Because it is addictive and makes people come back for more. This is the goal of 95% of R&D of food companies. It is good business.


Yea so true, studies show sugar has similar effects on the brain as cocaine. It’s crazy all the junk that is put into our food. Big pharma and the FDA’s never ending revolving door, I mean after all who gets paid when we are all healthy? Just think the OxyContin maker now has the pill to cure the addiction. We call it the Hegelian dialectic and it’s killing us all!!! Stay informed because as George Orwell once said, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.”