Mayonnaise, sauces & dressings

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Can we open a page and everyone take a pic of their products to make it easier for everyone to knw which is ok for keto and which is not ! :kissing_heart::relieved::flushed:

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It’s hard to find any sauce or mayonnaise with no sugar now this product contains sucralose and I checked it on KetoDiet app it says no sugar I’m confused


Brianna’s Asiago Caesar Dressing is fantastic.

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There’s no mayo in that mayo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sucralose is a sugar alcohol. It’s not a sugar

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Salad Dressing:

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That’s a lot of ingredients for something that typically only has about 3 or 4 ingredients and there’s no oil or egg so I’m confused how this is mayo without the key ingredients.

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I refuse to tell you where I buy my Dresses!!! :triumph:

Do you want that title fixed?

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I have found it impossible to find salad dressings that do not contain a type of vegetable, canola, or soybean oil. Even the “avacado” type items contain one of those types of oils later on in the ingredients list.

Here is a nice sauce (2g net carbs) that I used on my fathead pizza today (a little pricey but easier than making it yourself):

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Ahhh, I miss Duke’s mayo so much. I can’t find it out here in California and ordering it online is pricey.

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I’m thinking they messed up their label. It’s still probably pretty good, but for safety, I’d say the 4 grams of sugar is what I’d go by, versus the 4 total minus the 2 fiber.

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I was buying a couple of dressings here in Australia that had very little in the way of carbs, but were based on canola oil. Now I make a batch of mayonnaise at the weekend (it really doesn’t take very long) and then make some sort of dressing from that – usually ranch or blue cheese. I use the New Atkins recipe for the mayo which is really very easy to achieve good results with.

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Usually I avoid canola oil and soy so maybe it’s hard for me to find a dressing without them ( I have hashimotos /thyroid Ill)

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Some of their products contain fructose corn syrup … so I dnt knw if we can use them last time i had the rancho dressing and I saw it :frowning:(High fructose corn syrup)

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I’m in Lebanon I’m sure I’ll not find it here dnt worry usually I buy everything from amazon

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Mayo isn’t hard to make and is the basis for so many dressings. Try making your own.

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Guuurl, you need a Southern Friend that will ship you a care package! :slightly_smiling_face: And Dukes does have soybean oil, but that stuff is addictive!