Mayonnaise, sauces & dressings

(matt ) #21

And if you mess up the mayo (like I did last time) you can just use it as a dressing or a sauce :slight_smile:

(matt ) #22

We discovered Dukes on a trip to Myrtle Beach. Its soo good but it is the wrong kind of oil I guess its not the end of the world as mayo is really my only source for bad oil.

(Jody) #23

Yeah, I don’t eat a terribly large amount so the “wrong” oil doesn’t really bother me too much.

I do want to try and make my own at some point … but for now, I am LOVING Duke’s Mayo :wink:

(Sophie) #24

It’s my only source too. I can live with that. It’s funny because all my life I was a Hellman’s user and I never really cared for mayo anyway, just used it in salads. It wasn’t until I was Keto that I snagged a jar at Aldi’s and now I LOVE mayo…go figure! :roll_eyes:

(Allie) #25

I put olive oil, vinegar, a raw egg yolk, and mustard seeds in a bottle and shake it…

(Karen ) #26

Always done exactly the same x easy peasy & no waste, additives, crap oils etc and as homemade small batch also skipping all the preservatives! So much junk in convenience food! X