(Chris Ward) #21

Half dose of Jaurdiance.

(Chris Ward) #22

(Chris Ward) #23

Went back to full dose of Jardiance. If I continue to see this trend or go low I’ll back off to a half dose.

(Laurie) #24

Good luck. I hope you see the results you want.

(Chris Ward) #25

I’m starting to see good results IMO.

Based on this result and the lows I experienced overnight. I stopped the jardiance completely. I woke up at 3am and keto Mojo told me the 62 the Libre registered was 89.

(Central Florida Bob ) #26

Chris, I don’t want to distract from your thread by getting too off topic, but your plots look like a continuous glucose monitor, not individual finger sticks. I’ve never seen a Keto Mojo CGM and I have a search open on Amazon right now that doesn’t show one.

What am I missing here? Is it a CGM?

(Bob M) #27

I think he has a Free Style Libre CGM but also checks via pin-prick, via a Keto Mojo (for blood glucose; and for ketones).

(Central Florida Bob ) #28

Thanks, Bob.

I looked a bit more thoroughly and thought that must be the case. I should look thoroughly before posting.

(Chris Ward) #29

That’s correct. Libre plus Mojo

(Chris Ward) #30

I debated with myself to update or not. My wife had surgery and while the surgery went fine the recovery didn’t have a great start. That’s not reflected in these numbers but what I post tomorrow will be WAY off because I had pizza to deal with my stress. I’ll restart Friday getting back on track.

(Bob M) #31

No problem, family always comes first, and pizza is nothing to be ashamed of.

As you stay in ketosis longer, I’d like to see this flatten out. It’s still pretty wild. My lowest blood sugars are always at night. I always wondered why. (I know cortisol has something to do with this, but I don’t know enough about cortisol’s fluctuations.)

(Chris Ward) #32

I post these for transparency. My life is hectic and I’m going to have to get back on track tomorrow.

(Edyth Ekmark) #33

So I imagine that’s why I’m falling so fast still. Overall I’m feeling better using the MCT oil and butter in my coffee. And I feel a little more energized.


OK I am like Ctv on this one…I am guessing alot here :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

from what I am reading from your initial post, you are 4 years going into and out of keto…you improve while on keto and you hit some weight loss goals to your final goal you hope to hit…you are in control and your depression is lifting…you feel your BG is under control and YOU ARE in the keto zone and doing well…TIL you break plan and struggle??

You gain the weight back you lost, you feel more depressed, you backslide and feel like you are at the wit’s end of ‘what makes this all long term and give me the final great health improvements’ I desire for overall health for yourself?

OK AM I guessing this right?

If I am right maybe in my assumptions ‘your numbers’ mean nothing in that if you are not on plan, and weeding out into eating crap and doing that backslide then your ‘keto numbers’ can’t help you if you allow the crap food back in??..key to it all is stay on plan! Our carb creep of junk foods and lifestyle changes we want so bad ONLY work if you are ON the plan. You go off it all comes back, all the misery and health issues you don’t wanna come back.

I am not sure if I am understanding your post but I lost 70 lbs fast on ‘controlled kcal diet’ and felt fab til I of course ate some of this and that and gained a bit and felt crappy and ‘got back on plan’ and did it again, and got back on plan and did it again til I gained back all I lost, felt like sh** on a shingle and thought ‘what is wrong?’

and in the years it took me to a ‘duh moment’ of if I don’t stay on plan, stay on the eating plan that makes my life better, gives me weight loss, gives me improved mental stamina, gives me improved ‘friggin’ everything’ and if I tip toe away from it…I am doomed.

Every single maintainer who lost bigger lbs, got that better health, achieved that better mental improvement and clarity and all that goes with it never leaves their eating plan!!! The success people stay on the plan it took to achieve all their results and hold onto them by NOT going backward in eating ever…so I am not sure if I hit the point of your post or if I am way off LOL

but I see you ‘wanting numbers to fix things’ and the only way numbers work is if the eating is right :slight_smile: Only wishing you the best of the best to move forward!!

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #35

I second all that. The key to long term success with keto is to stay in ketosis consistently - by which I mean it’s a full time commitment. Otherwise you’re just playing Russian roulette with your health.

(Chris Ward) #36

No answer is no. Out of the 4 years (almost 5) I have been 80% consistently. I have extra circumstances that will keep me from ever losing weight. Which I’m not comfortable in revealing on a public forum. I haven’t lost or gained weight (since the first 100) in many years. I didn’t even add exercise till year 3 and it increased exponentially till I was working out for 3 hours a day. Not sustainable.

I listened to a part of the community over the course of the last year that said stop eating fat and let your body eat it’s own fat. Over the course of the last 3 weeks I have felt better after “chasing the ketones.” I debated because I knew this was the response I’d get. (I got thicker skin) Believe me or not I Don’t Care. It seems I finally found a plan that works and I’m going to continue. (jump back on) I’m sure you have sat and watched some one in such pain that they shake and cry while they are waiting to be seen. My wife is a strong woman and I have seen her give birth to 2 children without pain meds. I’ve never seen her in that much pain and it stressed me to the max. The Pizza was available it was my friend and it was offering to take my stress away. (The Addicts Brain) I’m not happy with that thinking but it happened. I didn’t hide it and I didn’t shield it. So back to the “plan” as you called it.

I noticed the last time using the Jardiance helped get me to a good place faster. So I’ll use it till I get the numbers back I saw before and then stop it again once I go low. This has been approved by my Doc.

(Jane) #37

Sorry your wife was in so much pain giving birth. I birthed both my sons without pain meds also but didn’t have a rough time. I hope she is better now and doing ok.

(Chris Ward) #38

She had surgery on her foot; (her 14th surgery) but this was the second surgery on her foot within the month. Her pain wasn’t controlled and planned for correctly. So we ended up in the ER the night of her surgery for un controlled pain. We waited an hour and a half in the waiting room. It was the worst I’ve seen.
Thank you for the well wishes.

(Jane) #39

Oh that is inexcusable! I had several surgeries on my hand back in the 80’s when Percodan was still available. Lots of nerves endings in your hands and feet and lots of pain with surgery to them.

I never got addicted and always saved my leftovers for backpacking (lived in Wyoming then) because Percodan was such as awesome pain killer I figured I could hike out on a broken leg taking it.

It’s not fair that people have to suffer with pain because some people can’t control their addictions. Deal with the addicts instrad of punishing everyone.

(Chris Ward) #40