MAY 2024 IF/EF Fasting Support Thread

(Jane) #1

May is 2/3’rds gone and I didn’t see a fasting thread. Was on vacation last week and enjoyed my eating out and actually lost a couple of pounds. Must have been all the walking we did!

Anyhoo - I started a fast yesterday after lunch so 27 hrs in. Been an easy one so far - hope it stays that way! Not sure how long I will fast but shooting for 72 hrs this go-round.


Oh my fasting life changed a bit! I won’t bring my usual boring stuff now :smiley: But it’s even more all about what I eat now… As I decided to have 2-3 fat fast days a week. Hopefully it will helps me to do EF eventually as the two have great similarities… Especially that

  1. fat fast meals are so tiny they are best as dinner
  2. I do such days when I ate very well the previous day so I actually easier last until dinner…
  3. I don’t need cooking so I don’t have the usual subtle trigger from that at 3pm (my SO coming home and the actual time is stronger but probably all the cooking doesn’t help. depends on what I made though).

Yesterday I ate at 6pm. I was mentally ready for a fasting day but I felt I wouldn’t last easily. Fat fast then, this time :wink: It brings most of the benefits of EF (benefits for me): big calorie deficit, low protein (just for one day, it quickly becomes a problem if it gets longer), fasting until dinner, unusually little focus on food, no cooking, smaller food cost… I want the other benefits of EF but I am working towards that goal, way better than before. If 6pm gets near and my body is fine without a meal, I will be mentally ready.

I haven’t done experiments lately, fat fasts are just the excitement I need :smiley: I have been planning various days, it’s interesting. As higher fat seems to be easier on carnivore (or non-carnivore but with meats… my old fat fasts didn’t have any meat), I want the proper, 90% fat percentage. So I plan such days.
I hope it won’t ruin the minimal result I got from 14 years of fat minimalization efforts, actually, I trust I love my lean pork enough. (I love fatty pork more, sure… It never will change.)

But I try not to talk about food. Even if that is the key in my fasting :slight_smile:

Be it fat fast or EF, I will need to plan around it when it comes to my workouts. Not like I did much of it lately but I want it to change. I probably will try to do it on (fat) fasting days just to see what happens but maybe not as I am really against it. It’s part of my protein/muscle paranoia but I am sure my body would nudge me anyway… Maybe I can try but if I do a lot of low-protein low-cal days, I really want my workouts not on those.
Any experience/knowledge about these things, workout vs getting proper food afterwards? (Not immediately but not 1-2 days later.) Muscle gain is quite hard for me for reasons, I don’t want to lose more than minimal amounts, ever.

(Jane) #3

Coming up on 50 hrs and no plans to break today. This will be either a 72-hr or 96-hr fast, depending on how I feel tomorrrow. I have some weeding I need to do and I actually enjoy that while fasting since it is so warm outside and I get cold fasting.

(B Creighton) #4

Yeah, I have been looking for the IF thread, and have missed it - thought about starting my own, but am not doing IF right now… stopped in March. However, I have lost most of the fat I gained over the winter… I was up 15 pounds, but my weight stopped going up when I switched away from coconut milk in my smoothies. My scale said I had gained 6 pounds of muscle, and now I have lost 8 pounds, althouth my scale indicates I now only have about a 4 pound muscle gain. So I still have more fat to lose to get down to the 17% SubQ I was at last fall. I do a lot of walking this time of year, which is a great fat burning activity… Upwards of 15,000 steps/day. So, I have little doubt you can attribute your weight loss to walking.

(Jane) #5

I am 72 hours in and decided to go for 92 hours since I am feeling fine and no hunger. It will be the longest fast for me in quite a while.

I am glad I decided to fast this week instead of after the holiday because I have to got to Alabama on a short 2-day business trip next Tue and I don’t like to fast while I am travelling.

I am a bit cold so will go out and weed one of my flower beds - that should warm me up!!! LOL

(Robin) #6

So impressive!

(Jane) #7


80 hrs in and just have to make it to bed and then hubby will fix me breakfast in the morning to break my fast. I could probably go to lunch but at this point I need to re-feed and will be working closely with my neighbor’s teenager to help me fold drawings and don’t want to overpower her with my strong “keto breath” :laughing:


Wow, you do so well! :smiley: It inspires me. I really will try EF again, I feel both mentally and physically more ready than in the last years.

But today is a fat fast day, I try to skip lunch! Baby steps :smiley: I always thought regularly skipping lunch is a very good start, one day I am bound to be fine without food at dinnertime too, right? And it’s good I have fat fast days as I don’t cook for me on those so that temptation is out…


Great job! I remember my first 72 hour fast last year I didn’t want to stop. I could have easily gone another day without the slightest bit of concern. I told myself I’d extend it the next time, but then my schedule has prevented a next time! My gym workout schedule has made it hard to get one in lately. I need to time it for a Friday afternoon to a Monday afternoon, but dang it’s so hard on the weekends. Especially this one with holiday. But I can’t wait to do a 3-day soon.

I always break my EFs with 1-2 C of bone broth then I wait 30-60 minutes and eat 1/4-1/2C sauerkraut or yogurt to get my gut biome going. Then I wait another 30-60 minutes and then I have solid food. I’ve found it’s much gentler on my system in all ways. The one time I broke it with solid food I had a very bad stomach ache and a lot of acid reflux. (Now I don’t have a gallbladder so not sure if this is why…)


I am going to participate in the June EF thread… hint hint…



I started a 3-day fast today. I plan on breaking it Monday after my workout at the gym. I know someone else had chimed in on another thread saying they’d be up for doing it this weekend with me but I can’t find that post!! Sorry. Hopefully you will see my post and let me know if you’re still game, along with anyone else that is.

I plan on breaking it slowly on Monday first with bone broth, then some sauerkraut 1/2 hour later, and then probably a steak about an hour after that.

Found it @collaroygal! It was you. Let me know! :blush:

(icky) #12

How are you going @Just_Juju ?

I’m on Day 6 of my fast and doing pretty well. Weight loss is slower than I’d hoped but I am losing a bit…


Oh man I just told my husband that I’m thinking of ending it today. It’s been 48 hours. The last time I did a 3-day I was full of soooo much energy at the 48 hour mark that I didn’t even want to stop on day three. But this time it’s different. I’m sooooo tired. I have no energy. I just mowed my lawn and want to collapse.

I’m sleep deprived for the past 9 weeks. I got Covid and recovered 7 weeks ago but I’ve had awful insomnia ever since. Keto cured my insomnia for 2 years, beautifully. But since getting Covid it’s all screwed up again. So upset about it because it hurts me in the gym too.

I’d like to keep going but something tells me my body needs energy from food now. Today. :woozy_face:

I really wanted the full 72 hour benefits. I’m kinda bummed. But I shouldn’t have these kinds of hunger pains at this point. I never did before. So I’ll listen to my body, the whiny petulant child that it is. :joy:

I guess this is how it feels to drop out early of a marathon. Like stopping at 3.5k of a 5k run. Kinda disappointed. Ah well. I can do another next month.

(icky) #14

Always listen to your body when fasting.

My rule is that I always make sure each fast is a positive experience for my body so that it will go into the next fast feeling at ease and not resisting it.

A 48 hour fast is great and it sound like that’s perfect for this time.:blush:

(KCKO, KCFO) #15

I only made it 24 hrs. details in the maintenance thread. I will try again this coming Friday as I haven’t done a 3 day fast for a while now and this is a good time to do one.