May 2022 IF/EF chat thread: "May the fast be with you."


Pencil me in for another water fast Wednesday this week.

I have to go to get some blood work done next week and the Dr. told me to make sure I fast a full 12-hrs before I have it drawn. I remember when that would have seemed like such a big deal and I would have been suffering by the time I got through it.

(Bob M) #42

If the blood draw is for cholesterol, just don’t do any (>24 hour) fasting close to that time. Fasting that long causes your total cholesterol, LDL, and trigs to go up, and your HDL go down. I’d eat “normally” (whatever that is for you) at least 5 days beforehand.


Thanks, I will do that. This is a standard routine blood test in addition to a liver panel. I usually fast on Wednesday and was planning to get me test next Monday or Tuesday. Maybe I should skip this week’s 36 hr fast to be safe.

(Bob M) #44

That should be OK. You’d eat Thursday, so would have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or possibly Monday to get things back to normal. Tuesday might be better.

Dave Feldman shows most of his (cholesterol) changes occur in about 3-5 days. You should be alright to end a fast Thursday and get a blood draw Tuesday.


Sounds great. Thanks. Yes, if I run my normal routine, I would eat again on Thursday.


I already wrote this in the carni thread… My body started something new.
I get hungry way too early, nothing too serious, I feel fine and don’t lose focus or anything but the idea of food sounds very lovely.
And when lunchtime and my SO arrives… I am just not hungry enough to eat, it’s fine to wait.

I never was like this! :smiley: And until recently, I typically ate when the very first vague baby hunger or anything similar emerged. I am very satiated until 2-3pm on a typical day so I still could have a smallish eating window but OMAD was tricky. Maybe it’s still tricky but yesterday went well and today seems to be the same. I do feel that my time is near (but more flexible than ever. I really can wait), no way I skip today but it’s still a great step, I got back my dinner OMAD! I am curious to see how long it will last.

(Bob M) #47

That sounds encouraging.


Another dinner OMAD day, a smaller meal but it should sustain me for a day :slight_smile: I am excited to see what happens in the near future. I love this simplicity, a single meal of multiple/several courses as I just can’t do it even simpler but I need my variety anyway, even during my meal…

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I’m planning a water Wednesday as well.


That’s excellent. Thanks for joining me.


I was over in the ZC carnivore thread but I found myself not hungry, so I thought I’d pop in over here.


Well welcome. I started my water fast Wednesday at noon today. So you may as well hang out in the fast with me until you at least get hungry.

I wanted to have dinner tonight and then fast through Thursday morning like I do every week. But, my youngest daughter decided to make double darn sure that I didn’t have a chance to eat this evening. So, I may as well just be 9 hours in already and forget about it.


Is clock watching a requirement? Or can I go for a surf?


No clock watching necessary. I just tend to try and get in a good 36 hour fast once a week.

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Fingers crossed for you!

(Bob M) #56

I’m most likely not “in” for this week. Got a few (2 or 3?) 36 hour fasts the last few weeks, but I’m at home with a sick 11 year old. It’s hard to spend all day at home while fasting, at least for me. And I normally do body weight training on Monday, then use Tuesday as a day off, which makes it easier for fasting Wednesday. This week, I did body weight training on Tuesday instead of Monday, and also woke up with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), which is something I haven’t had in a while. I’m trying for a fast, but we’ll see.


Brave act, I had lunch :smiley: I didn’t track yet but ate well enough and I go to bed earlier nowadays so maybe I will be able to pull it off and keeping it OMAD… I ate a very tiny bit off in the end, hopefully it won’t mess things up. It usually doesn’t after very low-carb days. The vast majority of my meal was very satiating carnivore food.


It didn’t really work out for me this week either. I did one 36 hour fast on Monday and that’s it. We are going to try again for 3 next week.


Lunch and whatever else I messed up triggered a 3MAD day in the end.
Today I skip lunch again. It’s already certain I won’t eat until 5pm and I have very nice food so OMAD is pretty much guaranteed. It’s still good, I was aware I will have non-OMAD days, I even need them I think as I just can’t keep the proper sized OMAD meals for long… It’s still okay but I thrive to do it better!

Still feeling the need to eat every day but it’s subtle enough that maybe I will have a chance when the group fast happens. A little push may be enough this time!


I had some temporal weakness last evening but it was a tired, lazy day and when I finally went downstairs, my baby hunger already disappeared. So yay, I managed an OMAD day again, with a smallish dinner (I shouldn’t have eaten part of my planned meal the night before… I knew that but I felt I needed it). I have enough lovely food today so I expect another successful OMAD day.

Coffee came back for a while but I got an interesting Australian coffee and resistence is possible but I want to focus my energy on other things for now… I don’t drink it all day…