May 2022 IF/EF chat thread: "May the fast be with you."

(KCKO, KCFO) #61

I’m so lame. I forgot to drink just water on Wednesday, in auto pilot mode, I made my coffee and had two cups before I remembered, opps, this was supposed to be just water.

I’ll try again next week. I really need to do a longer fast than IFing.


I was brave, bold and reckless and even hungry a bit so I had lunch. It MAY work but not with lean meat, I suppose, it was too satiating… 3MAD, the eating window was… Didn’t look, 4 hours, 4.5? My third meal was super tiny and not needed but… I am not sure I have a good enough excuse for it, actually.

Sometimes I just can’t wait until the right time for OMAD. I ate little yesterday so this happened. It’s not so bad for now but I plan to improve. 6 OMAD days a week sounds good to me. Not there yet.
But my eating window wasn’t huge and that’s good. It’s still way better than what I had earlier.