May 2022 IF/EF chat thread: "May the fast be with you."

(Oliver ) #21

I really like to fast more often. To often I have unfortunately some trouble sleeping when I do a true water only fast. Not sure if it because I’m underweight? I have been very inclined lately to only eat when I’m hungry so doing like OMAD style *eating is like no problem for me (that I try not to eat much when eating either).

*Usually its like one medium size meal + and something like a smoothie for dessert (still unfortunately having sleeping issues sometimes with eating pattern).


I started to have 30 minute eating windows :smiley: I ate 5 minutes before my 24 hour fast could happen, I was really hungry though it’s still a soft hunger but with a serious urge to get fuel, I start to feel loss of focus as the idea of a meal tried to grab and keep my attention but I felt no weakness this time.

I tried to start with fat(tier items) and my calories went seriously down, let’s see if this small meal can keep me satiated for a day or almost… I am glad I have my OMAD and it’s smooth, I don’t want to lose it yet!

I still drink so, so much water. I like water. Cold and warm alike. I am usually not this much into water but whenever I do water fast even for less than a day, I realize how good it is.

(Bob M) #23

Interesting. I’ve always thought that was due to hormones. I do have those sometimes, but usually on longer term fasts (multiple days).


I’ve had straight up issues sleeping since I started Keto. I often can’t sleep at all or fall asleep only to wake up during the middle of the night. I just can’t get my brain to shut off. Fasting doesn’t seem to change that one way or another for me.

(Bob M) #25

Interesting. Have you tried some carbs right close to bed? (That’s my best guess at seeing if something would help, then I’m out of any advice.)


I have and it does help some with the sleep. But if I have even the slightest amount of carbs, I end up with digestive issues over night. It is a double edged sword for me as they say.

It is probably important to note that I have celiac disease and as we are discovering, a general carb intolerance. So, it would probably work much better for someone with a better dietary variety than I have to work with.


Only 20 hours this time, I got hungry, no wonder after my tiny meal yesterday. But I waited until lunchtime, it’s so nice I can wait for hours and nothing bad happens. Not like I felt proper hunger, just some… Stomach hunger, again? No idea why my stomach decided it will communicate with it, we never really talk, I ignore it all the time. Hunger is a deeper need but I usually don’t even notice if my stomach is empty, I just don’t feel different.

I had a super tiny meal this time (I have some kind of fat aversion now and it’s not easy with my woe. I didn’t enjoy my food as much as usual but I could eat and I am not hungry anymore). So it might not be OMAD but I don’t try to predict anything anymore. Maybe it will be okay.

I actually thought about fasting but I felt the need to eat. But I am very open to longer fasts now, mentally. So if my body cooperates, it will happen :slight_smile:

(Jane) #28

Forgot to post yesterday that I broke a bit earlier than planned at 40 hours instead of 45. No issues fasting or refeeding.


5 hour eating window (3 meals but I had a break in the first so maybe kind of 4). I couldn’t help it, I was hungry and I had super low appetite, it was a lowkey struggle, very little joy but it wasn’t a bad day macro wise. I am looking forward to go back to OMAD now :slight_smile: I will be careful with my fat first experiments.

(Bob M) #30

Made another 36 hour fast. 3.2 miles jogging after lower back/abs, blistering pace of 15 minutes a mile. :wink: One hour, 10 minutes total, I think. That was at about the 32-33 hour fasting mark. Ate cow and lamb’s tongue, along with a bit of raw cow’s milk and goat’s milk kombucha.

Took two probiotics during the fast. Will see if there’s an effect.


Wow, congrats! Meanwhile I had a hungry, not even IF(!) day, I starved so much feeling wise, horrible. IDK why.

Today will be better but possibly 2MAD. I do what I can now, it’s not up to my decision only if I can pull off many OMAD days. But I am still determined and don’t eat without some real need. I just don’t push so much every day. A month is long :slight_smile: I will be a tad more forceful during the monthly group fast.


So something really cool happened here today. I don’t know if I mentioned this on the forum or not, but my wife started Keto after Christmas. She had dabbled with it in the past, but got really serious with it at the beginning of 2022. Mostly, it was to support me with what I am trying to do. But she has seen some great benefits also.

Anyway, we are at an event this weekend and she had lunch yesterday but we were busy last evening and skipped dinner. Well, she got up this morning and wasn’t hungry and skipped breakfast also. So here we are, 22 hrs since her last meal, and she just walked over to me and said…“I see why you fast now. I feel incredible”.

Two incredible things to take away from this. First, she accidentally did her first fast without even knowing she was. I don’t know when she will break it, but I am really excited to see how good she feels. Second, and maybe more important, I got a “you were right comment”. Anyone married as long as I have been knows how rare that is…lol

(Robin) #33

Bask in it, roll in it, gobble it up. “You were rights” only come around once every decade or 4.


Lol. I think the last one was around 2008 or so…

On edit: I just got smacked since she is reading over my shoulder. But, I digress…

(Robin) #35

Those are love smacks. Never in short supply. Always more where they came from. I hand them out regularly. And lovingly, of course.


We don’t smack. I told my SO he was right yesterday, his visual memory seems to be better than mine and I want to learn to draw… Sigh. We normally just completely agree :smiley: Sometimes I think about how lucky that is :smiley: Of course there are exceptions.

I don’t think I often felt amazing at 22 hours compared to my 15th hour or something. I feel normal (and sometimes hungry :frowning: hence my too few OMAD days). Fasting always felt normal. As long as I didn’t get hungry, of course but in my high-carb days it was 40 hours sometimes. It never happens nowadays :frowning:

I do TMAD these days, apparently. Well, I get truly hungry… It’s fine, I just want to avoid the 5 meals per day thing. My eating window is 3-4 hour long with TMAD, that’s good. (5 meals usually means 8 hours. The smaller my meals, the sooner I get hungry but normally I can’t get satiated with little to begin with - but extreme low-carb brought these odd things.)


I realize that I probably over generalize this, but I really have no issue transitioning from one to two, or even three meals a day sometimes based on what my body is telling me. My normal week is usually 2 meals per day, lunch and dinner with a 16/8 or 18/6 pattern, with the exception of my planned water fasts on Wednesday. However, there have been a few days here and there where I wake up hungry and add breakfast or conversely, skip a dinner like I did last night.

I have no scientific evidence to prove it, but at least in my case, my body really seems to let me know what it needs. I don’t sweat it when I have a break from my normal routine. I’m sure that there a lot of people that need to be much more regimented, but at least so far, this works for me.


My body is way more set in its ways. I am an afternoon eater, period. It may be 1 meal or 5 but they should be in the afternoon (maybe evening).

My body is great at communicating its needs and there are huge variety in my eating but it’s mostly about my fat and calories intake (to a smaller extent, protein too as I eat 80-230g protein. it’s not a tiny range but my fat intake has a wider one and it doesn’t stay around some smaller one like my protein tends to do, my range included the super low and high areas I almost never have).
And sadly, my number of meals varies too wildly too and I can do things to keep it to happening ALL the time but it still easily happens.

I really, really need my OMAD. Things are unfortunate when I don’t do it, not always but usually. I eat way too much almost every day since I was a baby and it’s not even convenient.


It’s back to a 36 hour fast today and Wednesday. Friday probably won’t happen b/c we are going to go see “The Who.” Hopefully a keto-friendly meal out that day.


Finally, an OMAD day. I got hungry at 12:30 and started to eat at 18:30. It wasn’t annoying, I didn’t lose focus or got weak until then and I was busy.
But it’s still so unusual in my life :slight_smile: It is nice though. I sooo had enough of eating too often.

I tentatively thought about skipping eating today but I felt I couldn’t do it without severe consequences.