MAY 2019 Weight Maintenance Check-in


Ok, here we go into late Spring. How is everyone doing?

I’ve been experiencing problems with my fasting over 24 hrs. But I am finally in hr. 39 of a fast and so far, it have been great. It was important to me because I had a 1 lb. over my goal weight and really wanted to be under goal weight for my 2nd anniversary of maintenance and I did it I am 3 lbs. under currently with this fast. I’ll stay there too. One of my changes is I lose during a fast hang out at that number for a few days then slowly build up nearer goal weight. As long as a shorter extended fast keeps me here, I’m a happy camper.


(Full Metal Keto) #2

A pint of water weighs a pound. I think you’re setting an arbitrary weight goal that and your body is going to settle where it wants to be. One pound or two is nothing. Congratulations on reaching maintenance phase and being stable. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Jane) #3

I was at 153.4 this morning. Goal weight between 150-155 so hanging in there.

(Carl Keller) #4

I didn’t weigh for a few weeks and was suprised to see I had gained about seven pounds over the past month. I blame eating cheese when I wasn’t hungry and having roasted sweet potatoes three days a week. I all but stopped with the cheese and will only eat a small amount in my salad and I gave up the sweet potatoes just for experimental purposes. After a week and a half, I’ve lost five of the seven I gained and I am currently two pounds under my goal weight (175).

(Full Metal Keto) #5

Naughty Keto :laughing:

(Carl Keller) #6

Indeed. But naughty keto is far better than nice and SAD… and I did learn my lesson. This is the problem I have when I work with 13 different types of cheese.

(Khara) #7

So far all of my experiences with keto, I needed cheese early on. Would crave it. Went through quite a bit the first 1-2 months. My thinking is my body needed that extra fat as it was figuring out what was going on and beginning to adapt to use body fat. Then, suddenly, I didn’t think about it anymore and found myself not buying it as much, except as for an ingredient in certain meals. I’m right about at that point again this time keto, week 7. Right on time. So, it’s happening. Yay!

As for a weight check-in - not maintenance so I guess I sorta don’t belong here but still the various cause/effects are interesting and maybe similar - anyway, weight check-in: I’ve spent the last 6 weeks sitting at 186or187point-something (high 186, low 187). Last Friday or so I was feeling better. Less fatigue, just a bit better. Actually had the energy to start thinking about intermittent fasting again. And, the scale finally showed 185something, first time in 6 weeks, and now that’s where it continues to bounce around. I know, I know, water/BM’s/dehydration/etc, but, I don’t think so. Combined with the way I feel, I think it’s actually finally movement, a slight relative drop and a sign of getting moving on fat adaptation, using my body stores as opposed to ingested (cheese). Sometimes cheese helps get us where we want to go. But, important to recognize when that time is up. :nerd_face:


@CarlKeller @collaroygal
I was in a tough stall during Feb and March and then went off plan and went carby all of April while on vacation and during Easter Week. Gained about 12-15 pounds as expected. But now back on <30 total carbs and weight back under control and falling.

Lowest weigh-in was 184 in early Feb.
Highest weight was 199 10 days ago.
Today back down to 193.
Goal is 180. (Would like to eventually get to 175.)

Started Keto/fasting April 8, 2018 at 255. Down 62 pounds.


CW 64.5kg, GW 63kg…have been as high as 66kg this month and it happened in a whoosh! I’ve just been getting a bit carried away with snacking and making extra nice Keto sweets over Easter. I think I’m back on track now and hope to be back at goal soon. Back to real foods, no snacking, 2 meals per day. KCKO!!

(KCKO, KCFO) #10

Well my fasting did it. On my anniversary I was 3 lbs. under my goal weight. I’m pretty happy about that.

Carl, glad you cut back and lost a lot quickly.

GentleBen, Keep going you’ll get there.

Khara, you are most welcome here. Anyone within 20-10 lbs. should be reading and commenting in here. KCKO

Nomoreweighting, You got this. Nip the snacking, it really does make a difference now.

(Kirk Wolak) #11

Okay, I have been at my goal of 190-ish for a few weeks, and had to start a “strict” PKD type diet for 21 days to test to see if it heals my leaky gut. During this time, I was still doing my normal fasting (eating: MWF, fasting the rest. Usually 1-2 meals per day, NEVER more than 2 eating windows). This is the protocol I used to lose most of my 122lbs lost…

Friday, after my “test” I was ready to party hearty. I started with a BAG of pre-cooked bacon (as I had no time to make my normal 3lbs). 21 days without bacon, it’s just WRONG…

And I did NOT obey eating windows. I treated the day a LOT like a celebration. I stayed keto and pretty clean. I even had a flavored BPC.

So, I also had my first day with my Continuous Glucose Meter to debug some strange things I have seen in response to my food/glucose and stuff…

I woke up today:

  • I GAINED 7.2 Lbs overnight (assume mostly water/inflammation)
  • Glucose 90, Ketones 1.0 (low side for me), so I was not knocked out

What I saw yesterday:

  • Eating the bacon, I saw my glucose meter run up to 124 (from 80s). WOW.
    This is why I got it. I believe that some foods are triggering inflammation/stress/etc
    And not the foods you expect!
  • I was also having some pepperoni
  • I was also driving to the airport

Now I am at 192.8 lbs. Original goal was 190, and I had dropped easily to below 186.

Later, I was still eating. And I had shrimp with Shirataki noodles.
AMAZINGLY the Glucose meter NEVER got to 100 during dinner with those noodles, in fact, my glucose was in the 80s and stable. Later when I measured it, it was 90 and 92 on the 2 different devices. So I assume it was calibrated well enough.

Where did I get the 7.2lbs from? What was it that I ate?
I am not sure, but here is my list:

  1. Pre-cooked bacon (loaded with sodium), some sugar in the curing?
  2. Shirataki Noodles (it’s a fiber, could be stuck in my gut holding water, causing inflammation). Coconut meal can cause me to gain a lot.
  3. BPC (Flavored)
  4. Eating too many times (every “meal” is an insulin push), snacking KETO can cause weight gain for me.

Also, my BP slid up to 129/82 (it was like 107/77, it used to be 129 type numbers before the strict PKD protocol kicked in and coffee and other things removed)

According to my rules (and rules are important here), I MUST immediately enact my OOPS protocol. (Fasting and/or Walking for as many days as it takes to recover my weight, plus one more day). Since I was at the low end of my range (below my goal), I am okay not going the One more day to lock it in. I think it will be fine, but I will be Fasting AND walking today (10-15 miles, starting SOON).

While I go walking, I usually listen to podcasts and books on tape. This first segment I will do by thinking about how to ISOLATE and test these variables over the coming week.

For the record, the old me would have wanted to declare life as UNFAIR, and go back to just eating CARBAGE because it felt good. The new me is more intellectually curious as to what is going on with my body!

(Kirk Wolak) #12

Update on my “Oops Protocol” recovery process…
Again, I believe strongly in planning for the exceptions, and having a protocol in place to follow. For a number of reasons, mine is explained above.

I spent a lot of today walking (casually, 2.5 miles in about an hour) and listening to podcasts. I did 5 Loops (of 2.5 miles) for 12.5 miles (half a marathon).

My glucose sensor beeped most of the times I returned that my glucose was too low (anywhere from 57 to 50). But surprisingly my Keto Mojo was consistently higher than that.

Lap Blood Glucose CGM Ketones
1 83 69 1.20
2 71 67 N/A
3 77 61 2.10
4 69 60 N/A
5 65 50 3.00

That kind of drop in Blood Glucose and rise in ketones (was 90 and 1.0 this am), usually takes me DAYS of fasting. I fasted… But the additional walking (and not super fast walking, I stopped on many loops and talked to neighbors)… Makes a difference.

So, the goal is to get down below 190, and fast one more day after that to lock it in (normally I go to starting weight, but I am in maintenance mode and the goal was 190, 185 just happened, LOL). I PLANNED on fasting Saturday and Sunday anyways, and I think that will actually close me out on this… I will reply again if there are interesting updates…

Next week I test the 5 foods, and I have a Cholesterol Test (Donating Blood) Coming up, so that will be when I test the bacon! LOL

(Kirk Wolak) #13

I woke up this morning, with these numbers:

Weight: 189.2 lbs (Lost 3.6 lbs, and I could tell with all the peeing)
BP: 120/74 @ 60BPM

But the AMAZING numbers are:
Glucose = 64 (CGM says 67)
Ketones = 4.4 (This is like 3-4 days of fasting levels, in one day of fasting + walking)

GKI = 64/18/4.4=0.80

I will fast today (natural for me, anyways, to fast on Sunday). That will lock in this weight (basically at/below my goal), and we will see where my numbers are.

The sad part is that I have some Liver and Salmon Pate I want to have on Pork Rinds… But it has to sit until Monday! LOL. That’s life…

Anyways, the Oops Protocol works wonders with that added walking! I am slowly making it my goto approach!

(KCKO, KCFO) #14

Pate is generally better after it sits for a while. Monday’s treat will be that more awesome.

Congrats on getting the weight back down so quickly.

(Jules ) #15

Just checking in, bit happy to have joined the forums and to be in a position to be looking at maintenance now. I went keto on boxing day and up until this current moment have lost close to 20kgs, which on my shorty pants frame has been super noticeable.
CW: 64-65kg
Although I have weighed less in the past, I have never been as fit as I am now or carried as much awesome looking tone/muscle-if I do say so myself :wink: Thanks keto! So I am happy here at this number and indeed have been told by my colleagues and my husband to stop losing.

I know it goes so much more deeper than CICO, but have upped my calories from 1500ish to 1800-2000 a day and am still losing, not quite what I had planned. Just trying to navigate my way through it all and find the sweet spot for my body where I can just happily maintain and nourish myself well.

(Tamela Robinette) #16

According to several “ideal weight” formulas/calculators I’m 2 pounds from my ideal weight, however I still have fat around my midsection uggghhh. In recent months I’ve been focusing on building muscle but I want this tummy gone! I’m so close to maintenance mode but honestly could lose another 5 pounds of fat if not more. I don’t want to settle for a number on the scale knowing I still have belly fat but I honestly feel I don’t fit into some of the other threads. Does that sound crazy? Any advice on how to proceed?

(KCKO, KCFO) #17

Tamela, I got some good advice when I got near my original goal weight, set a goal weight range (3-5 lbs. so your hormones don’t make you think you are failing). Get into that range and stay there. That way you don’t worry about the small weight fluxes that will occur.

Your body will continue to change after you reach your goal weight. I started out in slighty tight size 6 pants when I got to my goal weight, slightly over two year later, without getting out of the weight range I set (3 lbs.), so no real weight loss, I am starting to feel my size 4 pants are now baggy. I also had to buy smaller bras.

I am older, and walking and some strength training are my exercise so nothing epic there. It is just my body transforming itself.

Also please remember this WOE is about a lot more than a number on a scale, they lie a lot and can’t be trusted really. It is about your body’s health and even your mental well being.

So embrace maintenance stage, the losing is in the past, maintaining will keep you plenty busy, trust me on that one. LOL

(Tamela Robinette) #18

Thank you! I needed to hear that! I have been obsessed with scales and need to pull back from that nasty habit. My size 6 pants are getting a little loose as well and I have some size 4s that are quite comfortable (difference in brand I guess.) I will keep calm and keto on and begin focusing on maintenance from here on out. I’m so happy to be here :hugs:

(Pete A) #19

Time is your friend here. I’m almost 2 years in and have been basically the same weight for a year, but with less fat, and still some to go… and skin…

Building muscle slowly to take the place of the fat. It’ll be a good enough “shirtless summer” but by next Spring I know Ill be in a better place!

CONGRATS and enjoy!

(Tamela Robinette) #20

Thank you :heart: