May 2017 Zornfast 18-21


No, yesterday I just walked, but I did do strength training right before I started the fast. I seem to get into ketosis pretty easily in general, though. On most normal days I am between 2 and 3.

(What The Fast?!) #162

That is incredible!! My highest so far has been 2.8 (that was today, 35 hours into fasting) and before that was 2.7, the day after a 3 hour bike ride with lots of hills.
How long have you been doing keto?


Almost 10 months now. Still a newbie at fasting.

(What The Fast?!) #164

2 months for me, this is my first fast! Woo hoo! Just a baby fast (36ish hours) - I’m about to go break it here in a few.

(Griffin Mekelburg) #165

good to know! thanks for the insight :slight_smile:

(Griffin Mekelburg) #166

Great Work!! How are you feeling thus far in the fast? where was your biggest struggle? Ive been doing Keto on and off roughly a year and a half, and have done IF longest before was 24 hours. Currently im at 40:48 on this fast!! It is incredible the difference the second day lol not nearly as much hunger pains and took enough supps i have no headaches! Love seeing others beginning on fasts and see how they also improve, such a fascinating way to heal the body and it is still so “taboo” in the mainstream

(Togipeidia) #167

18 hours in feeling great I’m excited to do my first Zorn fast

(Becky) #168

15.5 hours in! The longest I’ve fasted so far. I forgot my supplements home. So just water today. I plan to stop to buy the ingredients for ketoaide on my way home. My stomach is beginning to growl. I need to break this 5 month stall!

(Roxanne) #169

Since I started asking a calcium citrate tablet to my supplements (I already took magnesium and selenium) my leg cramps have decreased…thanks Brenda!


Just ordered some, thanks. I like that those have D3 too since I already supplement that.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #171

Supplement at minimum your sodium. Eat salt.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #172

@Donna told me about it. She said it’s often not known that it helps with preventing leg cramps. She’s so fucking smart. When she told me about it two years ago I trusted her knowledge. So glad I did!!

(Sierra) #173

I mix a few calcium tablets into my ketotic-aid because I get insane cramps when I fast. It helps.

(Sierra) #174

hour 40 and the mind games start for me.
Wondering what others biggest struggles are and when they happen?

(chris.coote) #175

For me, the hardest is when things slow down at night… 24 and 44 are
usually the worst. Just remember, it comes in waves and the waves do pass…

(Roxanne) #176

Well then thanks @Donna!

(Lauren) #177

21 hours in, and I’m hiding in my room. I am not ready to watch everyone else eat supper.

(Ted) #178

Timing seems to work for me so, what the heck, I;m in. My wife will complain that I’m not having meals with her but I’ll just remind how sexy I look now!!!


Hang in there! I’m no expert, but it certainly got better for me past that 24 hour mark!


yes, thanks @Brenda and @Donna for the calcium info!